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Jan 20, 2010 04:44 PM

Burgers in Paradise at IU Bloomington

Its fine, edible anyway. I can't say I was looking forward to eating at Burgers in Paradise but my college daughter, who actually is a good foodie, said I'd be ok.

And she was right. I had the crab cakes and they weren't totally swamped in oil and too much fake taste. The burgers at the table were all stated to be good and cooked as ordered. The sweet potato chips were nicely crisp and the Asian dip that accompanied them was good.

Daughters shared a bacon burger that they enjoyed.

So I'll go back I suspect. I need to do some additional work on good spots in Bloomington though.

PS..the Nick's pizza for lunch is worth driving the 4 hours for, simply for the memories!

Cheeseburger In Paradise
2550 E 3rd St, Bloomington, IN 47401

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  1. Nick's has a great chef, these days. A truly stellar burger. This place is no longer just a college drinking venue -- they have very good food, and use lots of local ingredients.

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    1. re: pikawicca

      Rags is truly knowledgable and continues to improve the menu. Bloomington is so lucky to have fine local dining with so many good chefs. Sometimes it is hard to decide where to go, even fr something casual...we may go to La Torre tonight. Jose's cooking is truly home style and not something someone in a suit somewhere has told hm what to cook. The chains may serve a spot with some underdeveloped palates, but one experience at Cheeseburger in Pardise was enough. There are many so much better places to dine, often less expensively too.

      1. re: Candy

        Had a yummy lunch at La Torre today.

        1. re: pikawicca

          Chiles Rellenos last night were perfect.

    2. Nick's has a great house salad and dressing, I'd recommend Mother Bear's for Pizza.

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      1. re: tumuppet

        I like Mother Bear's for nostalgic reasons, but these days, I find their pizza sauce REALLY sweet. I don't think it's changed, just my tastes have.

      2. Well I have been there twice, its ok. I am on a quest for a perfect Bloomington burger. Go to Opie Taylor's, even Scotty's over Cheeseburger in Paradise...

        Any other burger suggestions?

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        1. re: FoodDiesel

          Go old school Bloomington and try Hinkles....

          1. re: HoosierFoodie

            The best burger in Bloomington has to be at Tallent. It is perfection. My only issue is that I end up taking half home. They are just too big for me to eat a whole one.

            1. re: Candy

              Where is La Torre and Opie Taylor's located in Bloomington? I'm up for some new ideas! And is Tallent upscale or can be a casual lunch spot?

              1. re: iuspock

                La Torre is on the eastside, on College Mall Road.

                Opie Taylor's is downtown on the square.

                Tallent is not open for lunch.

                1. re: pikawicca

                  The La Torre recommendation caught me by surprise. I live just a few blocks away and had a horrible meal there when I first arrived in Bloomington (year and a half ago). Has it gotten better or did I catch it on a bad night?

                  Opie Taylor's makes a good burger but I get annoyed by their nickel and diming on prices.

                  Opie Taylor's
                  110 N Walnut St, Bloomington, IN 47404

                  La Torre
                  1155 S College Mall Rd, Bloomington, IN 47401

                  1. re: wandajune6

                    I think you must have caught La Torre on a bad night. It's a perennial favorite of both Candy's and mine.

                    La Torre
                    1155 S College Mall Rd, Bloomington, IN 47401

        2. Good Things in Bloomington

          Hinkles-any burger (grind their own meat; only open for lunch)
          Dat's-cajun food, menu changes daily, vegetarian side of the menu (owner=Bob)
          Tudor Room(IU memorial Union) Best Brunch EVER-leave room for desserts
          Kilroy's on Kirkwood $2/Tuesday Burgers, Wings, Pepperoni Bread stick, Well Drinks, shots all for $2/each
          Nicks- Garlic Fries and play world famous "Sink the Biz"
          Scotty's Brew house-deep fried pickle slices
          Butch's Grillacatessen-"godfather" pizza
          Kyle's Greeks Pizzaria-$2 slices awesome when at the bluebird or the vid
          Mother Bears- Awesome lunch specials- #3 slice of the day/salad/drink $5.55 Salads are awesome
          Pizza X-Big X bargain is a great deal. Get the ranch with your bread sticks
          Asuka-lunch hibachi for less than $10-good size portion too
          Mancino's-any of their grinder sandwiches
          Waffle House-fairly good Biscuits and Gravy after a night on the town
          Oliver Winery- Bean Blossom Blush(free wine tasting)
          Trojan Horse-gyro w/the cucumber sauce(i don't know how to spell it)
          Opie Taylors-burgers are okay, try the buffalo chips w/ranch or the fried zuchinni

          1. I agree with most of the recommendations below but would add a few:

            Shin's on Walnut has the best bibimbap in town. A definite favorite.

            Finch's. Everything that I've tried is wonderful but the pizzas are favorites.

            Limestone Grill on Covenanter Dr. (off College Mall Road). Consistently good, a little bit more upscale than most options, and always good quality.

            Sweetgrass. I believe it is relatively new and it is wonderful. The shrimp and grits are amazing. I'm graduating from grad school in May and that's the place I booked to take my family.