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Jan 20, 2010 04:31 PM

Nobu'd out in London!

Hello everyone!

Yes, Nobu is fab, yet In a three day trip we went their twice - once by design, once because it was the only place we could think of that would be semi-happening at 10:30 on a monday.

We checked out Mint Leaf on a recommendation - it was closing at ten. No one there.

Any kind people with fab suggestions of trendy restaurants that also serve good food?


Fun lunch spots with great food and a scene a la La Caprice are also welcome.

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  1. Hakkasan is trendy and yummy.
    Not trendy but still lovely is the wolesey in Piccadilly... good fro breakfast, lunch, tea or dinner!

    1. Yauatcha. Asia de Cuba too though I think it is hugely over priced. Hix, Dean Street Townhouse and Pizza East all attracting a crowd now. I love the oyster bar at J Sheekey too.

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      1. re: helen b

        Oo, and Zuma and Roka too are very scene-y, but good with it.

        1. re: helen b

          Thanks! For whatever reason, I didn't respond to Hakkkassan when I went a few years ago - hit Wolesey as always do on trip -- heard Roka is fun so will try that and Zuma.

          I went to Foliage at the Mandarian Oriental and found it fab. If I review on my site is the appropriate thing to post it here rather than link?

            1. re: Nancy S.

              Isn't Foliage closed? The chef left last year and the space is going to be the new Heston Blumenthal place.

              Best to post a review and add the link. A link without a review gets frustrating.

              1. re: PhilD

                "A link without a review gets frustrating."

                And often has the Chow police wielding their virtual red pencil on your post.