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Jan 20, 2010 03:35 PM

Princeton to New Brunswick Corridor (Rt 1, Rt 27, Rt 130)

I've recently moved to this area from NYC and I am seeking some good restaurant recommendations. I am aware of a few decent places (see below), but I am in need of some recommendations for:

Cantonese Roast Meat
Dim Sum
Korean other than Woojeon
Sushi (good by global standards, not local - I've been to several ok local places, but none that compare to the better mid-range NYC sushi places)
Authentic Thai (poor, one-dimensional Thai seems to be common in this area)
Doner Kebab
French (Bistro, brasserie, and high-end recos all appreciated)
Mid to high-end Modern American
Mid to high-end authentic Mexican (not interested in Tex-Mex or Cal-Mex)
Authentic S. American (would especially like to find Peruvian & Brazilian places)

Some places that I think are pretty good:

Hong Fu in Highland park for great Xiao Long Bao and decent other chinese food
Szechuan Ace on 27 (it isn't in the same league as Grand Szechuan International or Spicy and Tasty, but at least one can get some ma la food)
Super Star East buffet in nassau park (off 1) for chinese buffet
Woojeon on 1 for Korean
El Oaxaqueno 2 in New Brunswick for authentic cheap Mexican food (tacos, tortas, etc.).
Due Mare in New Brunswick for Italian
Pho99 on Rt 27 for Vietnamese
Desi Food Galaxy on Rt 27 for a variety of cheap indian
Dosa Grill on 27 for S. Indian veg buffet
Hoysala off Easton Ave for S. Indian non veg buffet
Khan Baba on 27 for grilled Halal (Indian? Pakistani?) meats
Blue Point Grill in Princeton for Oysters
Makeda for ok Ethiopean

Any advice is much appreciated.

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  1. Interesting that you give high marks to Hong Fu. My Cinese friend said the food went downhill after the change in ownership. Used to be named Shanghai Park.

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    1. re: ieee488

      I still really like their Xiao Long Bao (pork only version, not the pork and crab). I find the skin thickness to be just right for my taste, and the flavor is nice. I have had many worse Xiao Long Bao in Manhattan, including the overrated Joe's Shanghai. Their noodle soups are decent. Several of my colleagues order mostly chinese-american food and seem happy with it - I would order that stuff with light oil, since it seems a bit too oily. I personally don't think their Szechuan offerings top notch.

      1. re: Al1

        Haven't been there since the change of ownership to Hong Fu.
        Put I believe Shanghai Park still have a location in Princeton.

        301 North Harrison Street, Princeton, NJ‎ - (609) 924-8001‎

        I have never visited the Princeton branch though.

      2. re: ieee488

        It wasn't much good as Shanghai Park; the one in Princeton is dead on its feet.

        Shanghai Park Restaurant
        301 N Harrison St Ste 33, Princeton, NJ 08540

      3. Pizza (Tomato Pie) – Go south on Rt. 130 to Rt. 33 and stop in at DeLorenzo’s for what is arguably the best pie in the world. See . A closer choice would be Conte’s in Princeton. See .

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        1. re: TomDel

          Tomato pies are dull-crust wonders. Try Patsy's in New York or Sette Luna in Easton, PA.

        2. When it comes to French bistro, I think you would like Sophie's Bistro on Hamilton Ave. in Somerset. Nearly all the comments on this board about Sophie's have been positive.

          For a bistro of a different sort, try Bobby Trigg's new place on Route 1 near Princeton.

          If you want to move upscale, go to Trigg's original restaurant, The Ferry House, in Princeton proper.

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          1. re: ambrose

            Thanks for these recommendations - I haven't been to any of them and I look forward to trying them!

            1. re: ambrose

              We definitely need to try BT. Always hesitant about trying restaurants in a hotel, but seeing as this is Bobby Trigg, it is worth a shot. Love The Ferry House! -mJ

            2. Cantonese Roast Meat - China Bowl, Edison NJ. Off Rt 27 in the strip mall where the new Hmart is being built. Haven't been there for a long while, but I think they are very good by NJ standard. Supermarket-wise, Kam Man in Edison off Rt 1 has the best Roast Meat. Don't bother buying them from Hong Kong Supermarket in East Brunswick.

              Sushi - 90% of all the sushi place in NJ is run by Chinese (especially in central NJ) and aren't all that great. The only place that is good and is near the vicinity of OP' request is Jo Sho in Somerset; it run by a lovely older Japanese lady; food is great there. For a sushi buffet, i think IchiUmi at Menlo park mall is very good but quite pricey.

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              1. re: yCf

                Does anyone know if the China Bowl relocated, or just went out of business, when they started redoing the plaza there to have the H-Mart and new Picnic Garden Korean BBQ Buffet?

                I like the new places but if the China Bowl is somewhere I'd still like to visit it too. I looked at the area in Sept 2010 and the restaurant is gone.

                1. re: blorgo

                  China Bowl has relocated. But, they closed down since July and is supposed to reopen a few months later somewhere on Rte 27. I forgot the address but I drove by there a couple of weeks ago. Doesn't look like they are opening anytime soon.

              2. Also in Edison--just up Rt 27 from Highland Park, is Wonder Seafood. Hong Kong style, very good dim sum served every day (Sunday brunch is a big family day there--get there before 11 if you don't want to wait).

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                1. re: albinoni

                  oh, i second that. Forgot to mention it.