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CUT, Philippe Restaurant, or Providence?

I'm planning a 40th birthday dinner for a group of 4 on Saturday night. Which place would you recommend?

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  1. Are you talking Philippe Restaurant in NYC or Philippe's downtown LA? Quite a difference between the two.

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    1. re: mc michael

      It is likely that he is referring to the Philippe Chow restaurant on Melrose.

      If you want steak, do Cut. Seafood, Providence.

    2. Providence hands down. AND be sure to order a birthday dessert! It's all so good.

      1. Definitely NOT Philippe Chow or CUT.

        What's left? Providence.

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        1. re: J.L.

          With money, Cut.
          Otherwise, offer a new list!

        2. I would recommend you figure out what you want to eat, then your choice will be obvious.

          Do you want steak (Cut), or mainly seafood (Providence), or just bad food (Philippe Chow)?

          1. we ate at Phillipe Chow's Sun with a party of 5 and fyi $410.00 bought us 3 orders of spare ribs, 1 order chicken satay(which I did not care for) 1 order pan fried pork dumplings(average), 1 seven lb. peking duck(wonderful) 1 rder beef with peapods in oystersauce($52.00)and good at best,1 order sweet and sour chicken in "red sauce" also good not great, loved the flash fried sea weed- 2 beers, 2 cocktails and 2 soft drinks- pretty expensive overall but enjoyable- we always love dining at Cut but also very expensive for steak and delicious- more of a lively atmosphere and great people watching- never been to Providence- I actually recommend BLT steak for a fun atmosphere and better choices

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              That place is still in business?

              1. re: J.L.

                Yes, I was referring to the Philippe Chow restaurant on Melrose. Is it really that bad?

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                  When I reviewed it a few months back, other Chowhounds thanked me for "taking one for the team".


                  Expensive beyond belief, for very mediocre fare.

            2. Another vote for Providence, what a great restaurant.

              1. Providence for incredible seafood, artfully presented by one of LA’s finest restaurants.
                Cut, for the same reasons as above, yet focusing upon superior meats.
                Your choice should depend upon your and your party’s preferences for surf or turf.
                Philippe Chow does not warrant comparison to either of the above. It would be unfair.

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                  Providence is easily a "cut" above cut, which is nothing less than a very, very good steak joint.

                  P. Chow is a nice looking place, but the food is C+ to B- Chinese.

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                    P. Chow has 'C+' food, but ranks an 'F' for value.

                2. Definitely Providence, I ate there for my 26th Birthday last Friday night and it was incredible food and service!

                  1. Providence...dont' think, just go.

                    1. we ended up going to melisse at the birthday boy's request. we went for the 10 year anniversary tasting menu, and it was absolutely delicious. thanks for everyone's responses!

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                        Thanks for reporting back! Melisse still has their 10th Anniv. tasting menu?!

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                          yes, apparently they brought it back b/c it was so popular. i'm not sure how long they plan to keep it, though.

                      2. Re: the recommendation of BLT Steak, has anyone been there recently now that their honeymoon period is over? We wanted a place good for both a steak lover and a vegetarian who will eat some fish and this seemed to be the best compromise - we considered CUT but they don't offer much for a vegetarian. Thanks for your thoughts.