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Where in Toronto other than Mcdonald's can you get sliders? I'm sick of all thse gourmet burger spots that keep opening up claiming grass fed sirloin organic blah blah, I've yet to find a burger in Toronto other than a Big Mac that blows my mind, but yet cross the border to Michigan and they have all these old school burger spots doing sliders and fries, fast food but done with pride and no franchises, we need more of these in Toronto, The closest thing we have is Johnny's which in my opinion sucks, Frozen blach! Someone needs to copy shake shack in NYC and open up something here. Any suggestions where I can get a good slider?

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  1. I'd love an answer to this question too. I don't believe there is anything true to the form here in Toronto, and would love to be proven wrong.

    And hey Mister Wham, in fairness, gotta say Shake Shack is not really a slider. A burger smashed against the grill, sure, but not small enough or onion-y enough to be a slider. For more on sliders and why you might want to hit New Jersey rather than Michigan for slider goodness, check this out:


    1. first i need to say that nobody does sliders here-especially mcdonalds. the mac snap wrap is not a slider. having said that the sliders at gabby, earls, joeys, milestones, or any of the chain bar or hotels don't really get what sliders are...one YOU find them, let us know, so we can share the joy

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        There's a place on the Queensway called Sliders that looks to be opening sometime in the future. Anyone know anything about it?

      2. Is there some law in Ontario (or maybe just in Toronto) that prohibits restos from grinding their own beef due to food safety issues? I mean making a slider isn't rocket science. Just make sure your ingredients are fresh and you season your beef well. I make my own as it's actually a cheap quick meal using a mixture of medium ground beef and lean, Wonderbread buns, Spanish onions and sliced mild cheddar cheese from the Highland farm deli. It's freakin' goooood! As for sides, I get someone to buy fries from a local resto (family pack) on their way home from work.

        As for local restos, unfortunately most burger places here tend to go with the big size burgers (done fresh in some instances) or regular sized burgers cooked from frozen =(. How about Real McCoy's? Do they make sliders? I've heard their burgers were excellent.

        1. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong but I have driven by a place in etobicoke just west of Royal York RD on the queensway called Sliders "not your ordinary burger". It has paper on the windows so I'm not sure if it has yet to open or closed long ago. I just hope that they understand that sliders aren't just small burgers, there is a technique involved"not rocket science". Child is correct that the onion flavor is key. The best sliders I have ever tried are Telway hamburger system in Detroit. They are basically the best burgers I have ever had, dirt cheap, and open 24/7. It would be nice to have something like that here someday.

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            If your at the Rogers centre, Hogtown Grill has sliders.

            The Sliders @Queensway/Royal York isn't open yet.

          2. Ok so first of all, what you are looking for isn't a slider, sliders are a specific style of fast food burger introduced by White Castle and occasionally imitated and are frankly garbage as far as I'm concerned. What makes a slider is the cooking process where a very thin patty is cooked on a griddle over a layer of chopped onions. Originally the patty was made by smashing a ball of fresh ground beef into fresh onions but White Castle hasn't done that since WWII, it's all frozen crap and re-hydrated onions.

            When I lived in Chicago it was popularly believed that slider nickname originated because of the effect they have on your digestive system.

            Putting something on a tiny bun and calling it a slider was the worst food trend of 2008, just because it's on a tiny bun don't make it a real slider.

            Now what you are talking about is a simply an old style fast food burger, personally I think the pinnacle of this art is made at Burger Joint not Shake Shack but that's a matter of taste I guess.

            There are places like this in the city if you know where to look. It's one of the persistent falsehoods that permeates this place that Toronto doesn't have good burgers.

            Try Golden Star or Apache for a start.

            1. Have any of you tried the "kobe beef" sliders from Milestones? I don't know that they're actually wagyu and I have no idea if they resemble sliders (being the only version I have ever tried), but I find them to be very good for what they are.

              Milestones has a lot of garbage on the menu, but there are some amazing dishes, too: an order of their sliders with their California spring salad is a fantastic meal, IMO.

              1. My experience with sliders in Ontario hass been smaller versions of hamburgers, occasionally even a hamburger patty that's been cut into four pieces. It's something I'll order if I don't want a full hamburger or as quick bar eats. Nothing that actually resembles a White Castle.

                The closest thing I've found is suprisingly offered at Denny's. However it's more like a think child sized burger patty cut up on four pieces and is prepared with thinly diced onions. I didn't see the prep but it did taste like the onions were grill steamed.

                I'd love to hear if anyone else out there is doing something with White Castle in mind rather than smaller versions of their regular burgers.

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                  I am extremely happy to say that Sliders @ Royal York/Queensway is open! I visited there on Sunday night and was very satisfied with this family run burger joint. I shared a 6 pack of sliders with bacon, cheese and grilled onions, and they were delicious. In addition to the bacon, cheese and onions as toppings, there is a variety of condiments and sauces that are available, including Sliders sauce, which was awesome. There is much more than just slider burgers at this place, but as a FIRST visit, the sliders made my night. Definitely going there for repeat visits!

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                    Any idea what time they open??

                    Do they cook them on a flat top??


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                      Regular hours. Open in the mornings for breakfast. They cook them on a grill.

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                          I know. That's exactly what I thought when I went in there ... and it was.

                2. I had lunch there yesterday.

                  6 sliders with cheese and cheese chili fries.

                  The pros. Good flavourful burger that's made in house, not frozen. Good garlic hint that reminded me somewhat of what Lick's used to be like.
                  They cook the sliders on the flat top and you can get the burgers like that or on a grill.
                  The fries are cut in house and were excellent.
                  The girl working the cash said they make everything in house.

                  The cons. Way too much bread to meat but the girl there told me they ran out of their normal buns.
                  The chili was lacking. It didn't have much kick and was somewhat bland to the point of being over powered by the fries.

                  Overall, I liked it and would go back. I'll order a regular burger next time. I'll also order a small order of plain fries. The CC fries came large only and were a pretty decent size.
                  The sliders are about the same size as you get at a bar and grill, not really small like at Krystals or White Castle. 6 is too much with fries.