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Jan 20, 2010 02:29 PM

St Clair and Yonge - breakfast spot

Looking for a weekday breakfast spot around St. Clair and Yonge - I'm not too familar as to what's around there, and open early a.m. Any ideas?

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  1. Not fancy and no table service but Select Sandwich opens at 6:30 am. Southeast corner of Yonge & St Clair, downstairs (on one of the routes out of the subway).

    1. Just remembered -- Michel's Baguette also opens early, 6:30 am I think. No table service either but fancier stuff than Select, like croissants and omelettes and Croque Monsieur.

      It's on the northwest corner, just west of the NewsTalk1010/CFRB building.

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        just to clarify, Select and Michel's do have tables, you just have to serve yourself at the counter.

      2. I'm mind-blanking on the name but I tried to go to the pub near Heath and Yonge maybe 6 months ago and the cook wasn't in yet with no firm word on when s/he would be (!!?). So we went down the street to the south side of St Clair (still on the east side) and we had a reasonable breaky at a place... near that something Jester place. I can almost see the name but I can't remember it... something beginning with M maybe????

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          As far as I know, the only place that serves breakfast on the east side near Jester's is La Passione. They open at 8 am. I like the food there but they've been dissed on the board.

          eta: I've only had lunch at Passione, don't know what breakfast is like.

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            Thanks JamieK. Appreciate the info. You would think the area would have more to offer but doesn't appear to be the case.

            1. re: millygirl

              The area does have more to offer but I was focusing on the places that open really early. For instance, there are really tasty Belgium waffles at the Dahso cafe on the southwest corner but they don't open til 10am.

              There are also of course the usual coffee places -- two Timothys, two Second Cups, two Starbucks and a Tim Hortons.

              There's also a promising looking place called Bar Mokko (or something like that on the ground floor of 40 St Clair West but I haven't been and I don't know how early they open.

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                Thanks JamieK. I decided to skip the breakfast altogether but I will keep these options in mind for next time around though.

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              I've had breakfast at Passione - once was enough! The guys really try hard, but I've always found the food marginal. But they do have seating.
              The better places only seem to do 'brunch' on weekends.
              But is the downstairs at Senior's open for breakfast (it is on weekends and both Toronto Life and Google Maps say it is on weekdays - but don't specify hours)? If so, the place is dark and a bit gloomy, but the food is generally solid (if you like 'greasy spoon'). But the trek to the washrooms is not something I would recommend).

              1. re: JamieK

                I think that's it! I've never been there for any other meal but I liked the breakfast.

            3. Depending on how big of a breakfast you want (i.e. if just bagels will do) the wood oven bagel place a little bit north of the Home Hardware is good and they are open early.

              There's also a breakfast place underneath the Scotiabank with $3.99 two eggs/toast/coffee / sausage or bacon. It's nothing special whatsoever, but for $3.99 there's no point complaining.