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Jan 20, 2010 02:28 PM

Pepperidge Farm White Sandwich Bread in Seattle

Has anyone seen it in any local stores? I can't find it ANYWHERE in the greater Seattle area, even though it seems to be ubiquitous in the rest of the country. I'm willing to drive for it since it freezes so beautifully. Thanks for your help!

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  1. I also await an answer- Every tomato season I pine for the thinly sliced bread just a slather of mayo and a big beefstake tomato slice.....yum

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    1. re: vagabundo

      oh my fav! and can ONLY be done on PF other white will do for this Jersey girl.

    2. As a transplanted New Yorker,I too was going crazy looking for Pepp. Farm White Sandwich bread in the Seattle area.Considering all the OTHER Pepp. Farm products that stores carry,I asked and asked ,ad nauseam......with no success.
      I even wrote to Pepp. Farm and received a letter stating they don't sell that "product"
      west of the MIssissippi ! Huh?
      So,the answer is "fugedaboutit"! You wont find it!
      When we travel back to the East Coast we just bring some back.

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      1. re: grangie angie

        Shoot. I knew there was a conspiracy going on here. I'll have to keep bringing it back in my suitcase from my visits back east. Thank you for your diligent research!

        1. re: grangie angie

          Thanks for letting us know why it's unavailable. A lot of Cooks Illustrated recipes call for it and, of course, they are in New England. I love Cooks Illustrated but they can be very regional (provincial, some would say).

        2. Have you checked Grocery Outlet? I got he one on MLK, and they frequently have Peperidge Farm. Isn't that miserable you can't find a major brand like that? Our grocery stores are turning to Generica, with Safeway being the worst. Here we have basically, Safeway or the Kroger corporation as the chain stores, a chilling thought to a gourmet cook.

          Oddly enough, you can find a lot of gourmet items at Grocery Outlet, goat's cheese, prosciutto, it varies.

          Any how, they sometimes have that on the bread rack, so have a look. And thank you for making me think about summer tomoatoes.

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          1. re: Wanda2day

            in thinking about it....QFC has a product request form. I feel personally responsible for getting Thomas' English Muffins into Seattle around '95. Couldn't find 'em anywhere and when we asked at QFC, they got them in (after a few months) and now they are everywhere. Maybe a coincidence, but i think it was my persistence. ;) You're welcome.

          2. make your own? from the comments it sounds like an acceptable substitute...

            1. Belay that trip to Grocery Outlet, it's SARA LEE they have, their packaging can be very similar. Again, weird you can't find a major brand like that here. And, where are the Wolverman's English muffins?