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This is very last minute, but I was just advised that I am being taken to Nook for dinner tonight. I haven't been there in a few years, but the first few times I went, I wasn't super excited by anything.
Can anyone guide me on what's best to order there?
I've seen a few positive nods to the burger and the mac n cheese. Any other standouts?

Thank you!

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  1. It's very loved but given my two visits recently, I think I'm in the "not super excited" camp with you. I can say the shrimp and grits were good, not great (an off night for seasoning perhaps, though I think the red pepper confetti is just a bad and dated choice), the mussels and halibut are to be avoided at all costs, not a fan of the calamari dipping sauce, and the jurassic pork chop looked amazing but I have no firsthand knowledge of its charms.

    The burger is lovely but its bread - toasted rustic loaf - is a major design flaw. Maybe others can steer us both to their best dishes?

    1. I think the braised shortrib or potroast is usually very good.

      1. I think the owner is arrogant and rude and the food is very average

        1. i went near-ish (first 6 months?) when it first opened and was utterly unimpressed. never understood any raves, and never had a desire to go back.

          when you're talking about a burger or mac & cheese -- just order what you feel like, at that point it's truly not an angst (or price) worthy decision. food second, enjoy the company first.

          1. Just as an update, I got the roasted half chicken, which I was surprised to find was really wonderful. The chicken was well seasoned, perfectly cooked and benefited from the sauce, the polenta and the delicious brussel sprouts that were served alongside it.

            My SO got the pork belly appetizer, which he thought was good, in a "how can you mess up pork belly" kind of way. He also got the burger, which we both agreed was dry and not very tasty. The toasted bread was all wrong as a bun and the french fries were overcooked and under seasoned.

            Dining companions got the mushroom-gruyere bread pudding, which sounded delicious but turned out to be dry and a bit boring. They also got a shrimp dish which I didn't get to try but heard good things from them about. The plate looked practically licked clean.

            For dessert we tried the chocolate raspberry pot which was a fairly standard mousse. We also tried the key lime tart which came covered in blueberries and was a standout dessert.

            All in all it was a better evening than I had remembered from my previous dining experiences there. The service was attentive, friendly and helpful. I won't be quite so disapointed if I'm taken there again in the future.

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              If they have the maple-glazed ribeye on the menu next time, try that.

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                Based on one visit?? Never try the fish again? That seems a little over the top. I could see if you'd gotten terrible food poisoning or something.

                I love the shrimp and grits and the mac & cheese. Every soup I've had there has been great as well.

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                  I can understand being traumatized by one really bad fish. In fairness, though, my mom is super picky about seafood, and she loved some fish dish there a while back. Wish I could remember what it was. I do recall enjoying the roast chicken on that visit, though my pops had a meat dish (short rib or pot roast) that was cold. As I mentioned above, however, the maple-glazed ribeye I had on my most recent visit is the best dish I've eaten there by far. Sweet and savory, crispy and meaty...oh my. Better even than the shrimp grits imo.

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                    the fish was just this side of vile.
                    it should have been discarded.

                2. Haven't been there in a couple years, but I used to get the tofu rice bowl. I'm not a vegan or vegetarian but I thought this was just a great dish with an interesting, mediterranean take on tofu.