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Jan 20, 2010 02:25 PM

Sunday night foodie delight in Fort Lauderdale?

Desperate for a full on foodie delight meal in Fort Lauderdale on sunday night. Something I can take my 4 year old daughter to and not too expensive ($$)-south American food or seafood would be awesome (not Asian b/c we already have good ones on the Pacific). GREATLY appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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  1. Try Cafe Sharaku on Federal Hwy. It's French with a bit of an Asian twist, but otherwise fits your criteria.

    1. On the cheap side, consider La Granja for good a good range of ceviches and other Peruvian specialties. There are several of them around Broward, most are counter service but I think some locations do table service for dinner...

      You can find a pricier equivalent at Gran Chimu in Davie (5941 S University Dr.) with better ambiance and a dour waiter.

      La Granja
      6542 W Atlantic Blvd, Margate, FL 33063

      1. El Tamarindo on SR 84. Latin American, great food and service, great prices, very nice atmosphere and kid friendly!