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Jan 20, 2010 02:17 PM

What can I do with a Smoked Turkey?

I received a smoked turkey breast as a gift recently and wanted to try something different than just turkey sandwiches. any good suggestions out there?

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  1. You have nice friends.

    Turkey soup is a good idea or a smoked turkey salad.

    1. Lucky duck!!!! If you like spicy, please try is SO good...Sopa Seca:

      1. Our leftover Thanksgiving smoked turkey made divine pot pie!

        1. besides the fact that ; What is wrong with just turkey sandwiches? I am already thinking, skin and bones, split pea or bean soup. Slicing into parts to freeze, for later times. Main dish salads, with a bitter green and maybe nuts to balance . Use it place of ham in Hay and Straw pasta or an inventive pizza...recalling today's roast duck and hosin sauce one. think of smoke ham (leftovers) same.

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            We put our leftover smoked turkey in our homemade ramen. Delish.