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Jan 20, 2010 02:12 PM


Anyone now of any restaurants that are gluten free or trustworthy for a person with celiac?


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  1. Sacred Chow is reliable.

    i know Viva Herbal Pizzeria also has GF pizza, but i can't vouch for their trustworthiness in terms of preventing cross-contamination.

    any other kosher restaurant with basic meat & vegetable items on the menu should be able to accommodate, the celiac person just needs to know how to order, and explain the situation to the server (and perhaps even someone in the kitchen).

    1. Mike's Italian Kitchen advertises GF pizza. I also can't vouch for trustworthiness re: cross-contamination.

      1. I have had the pizza at Mike's. I think that an employee there told me that they get the dough from an outside source. You can get all different toppings, but you need to order an individual pie, not by the slice.

        1. Wild Ginger (in Brooklyn) has a gluten or wheat free menu. I don't remember which exactly, but a friend said they were very accomodating to her son with celiac.

          Sacred Chow and Caravan of Dreams are both helpful and accomodating.

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              yes- the location on Smith St and the location in Manhattan are kosher.