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Jan 20, 2010 02:06 PM

Micro Brews

Arriving in Boston in a couple of weeks and staying around the Copley area. I have grown to appreciate micro brews (especially a good porter) lately and curious if there are any places that offer a wide variety of micro brews in this area. (Or any place in Boston proper)

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  1. Sure, there are many good craft/micro beer spots in Boston and surrounding towns (all easily accessible on public transit). A few very close to Copley Sq. include Bukowski's (Dalton Street) and The Other Side (Newbury Street and Mass Ave).
    In Brookline you have The Publick House and The Roadhouse (Washington Square). Across the Charles River there is a great porter at Cambridge Brewing Co (1 Kendall Square Cambridge), a brewpub that makes all beer on premise. Beer bar Lord Hobo is in that area as well.
    Biggest selection of drafts is at Sunset Grill (Allston, a neighborhood in Boston) but the above are my best recs.

    1. Cambridge Brewing's porter may be my favorite example of the style!

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        Cambridge Brewing's porter is really good. It's reminiscent, to my palate, of Sierra Nevada's fine porter.

        Mercury Brewing's Ipswich Porter is an excellent drier, less fruity example of the style.

      2. MC Slim JB may share some other suggestions, but from his review of the Parish Cafe in the Pheonix this week, it sounds like a good spot for good food and they have a huge selection of brews including 16 on draft. They have 2 locations and both are fairly close to Copley, check their website

        1. On this topic, anyone know where you can get Pretty Things Jack D'Or, or any of their other offerings on draft?

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            We enjoyed meeting Dann and Martha from Pretty Things recently and I seem to remember someone saying the Other Side had Jack D'Or on tap. We discovered it at Cragie on Main and they had a tasting scheduled for Publick House so I imagine it is there.
            Here's our item on the tasting:

            I'm sure they'll be happy answer your question if you send an email. Here's their contact link:


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              Cambridge Common has added it to their permanent draft list.


              Cambridge Common
              1667 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138

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                Cambridge Common is somewhat underrated as a beer bar. The food is nothing special, but they always have some interesting stuff on tap at a very reasonable price, and specials rotate frequently.

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                  And just recently got rid of their cheater pint glasses - prices went up on some things, but still probably the best bargain in town. They are also now assuming you want a room temp. glass when you ask for a beer instead of automatically giving you a frozen one. I also like that they aren't afraid to put multiple IPA's on tap at the same time - if they would just put more Racer 5 and Greenflash on, it would be a good alternative to $7.50 pints at Redbones.

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                    I am an IPA drinker myself but I think CC possibly overdoes it with the number of hoppy beers and could stand to put some other exotic beers on the menu too, if only to make the place appeal to Mrs. Chickendhansak a bit more. Their beer listing write-ups max out the superlatives pretty quickly, giving a kind of Risset tone effect.

                    But let me be clear that I like CC and even like the food. They recently (how recently I don't know, but I only recently noticed it) added a Cubano to their menu and at $7 it was an enormous and really good sandwich. Maybe they're catering to the overspill from Chez Henri across the street!

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                If your looking for bottles, Bauer on Newbury St. seems to have a good relationship with them, I've seen them host multiple tastings for this brewer.


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                  Thanks for all the recs - I have never had it on draft, but was really impressed by the bottle I got from Federal Wines.

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                    Deep Ellum and Redbones routinely have one of their offerings on tap.
                    Also Dann and Martha will be at Publick House Provisions today for a tasting from 6-8p.

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                      Their website has a list of bars & restaurants that they supply.


                      Of course, call first before you go if you want to be absolutely sure what's on tap.

                      1. re: mrgeocool

                        Nice! I was pleasantly surprised to find them on tap at Not Your Average Joe's in Acton, the last 2 weeks.

                    2. pretty things products are available at the bin ends in braintree. not sure about other locations but i bet they do

                      greene street (solid beer bar for op) had jack d'or on tap last time i was there too.