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Jan 20, 2010 01:52 PM

Going to Austin this weekend... looking for suggestions

I'm going to be in Austin for about 3 1/2 days. So far I'm planning on going to the following:

Franklin BBQ for lunch
Chuy's for dinner

Breakfast at Juan in a Million
Lunch from a taco cart/trailer park thing,
Dinner at Salt Lick

Any other suggestions? I'm from Chicago, so I'm really trying to get an Austin food experience (i.e., not pizza) Also, I'm wondering if on my third day I should head to Lockhart-- and spend the day eating bbq. Good idea? Or should I spend another day eating in Austin? Non-food related question: If I go to Lockhart, is there anything to do around there between meals?

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  1. Hope you enjoy your trip! My husband & I love going to Chicago -- too bad we can't trade places this weekend. I'm craving another trip to Frontera Grill, and a cheesy beef from Portillo's!

    In Austin, I'd highly recommend Torchy's Tacos (their trailer park location on south 1st) for your trailer park experience. Get the green chile queso in addition to trying a taco or two.

    My out-of-town family have all enjoyed trips to Lockhart for BBQ. Of course there are some good BBQ options in Austin, but Lockhart is an entirely different experience! I can't think of a lot to do in that small town (but I honestly haven't looked too far). However, when my sister-in-law visits, she goes to the outlet malls near San Marcos, then hops over to Lockhart to eat.

    My out-of-town guests also often enjoy going to the flagship Whole Foods, which is basically downtown (Lamar between 5th & 6th). With you being from a big city, you might not find that as interesting, but it could be worth a shot.