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Jan 20, 2010 01:42 PM

Trendy BYOB restaurants

Any suggestions for trendy BYOB restaurants/lounges?

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  1. Do you mean where you are allowed to bring your own wine and there is no charge, or do you mean where you are allowed to bring your own wine for a corkage fee?

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      Preferably no corkage fee but I know a good restaurant with no corkage fee is somewhat uncommon in NYC. Any suggestions for either?

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        If you're wiling to pay corkage then you have many, many choices, so if you narrow down what you're looking for that would be helpful.

        Do you have a special bottle you want to open? What food would you like to eat with it?

    2. Check out La Sirene - it's BYOB no corkage at all. It's a very teeny tiny French restaurant, a nice crowd but subdued and the food and always good. It's in a very random spot but close to SoHo area.

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          i dont think kuma does byob anymore...i would call first. downstairs from it is a thai place, eat-pisode, which is byob and there is always cube 63...but i wouldn't call either overly trendy.

      1. Apiary on Monday nights only, I think. But check to make sure they are still doing it.

        1. Monday nights only: Apiary in EV, Gotham Bar&Grill and Tribeca Grill, no corkage fee
          Everyday: Maialino with $13 per bottle corkage, Union Square Cafe with $10 per
          Sunday nights: Modern Bar Room no corkage fee

          Not sure (it's been at least a year, so you should call):
          Prune, Clinton Street Baking and Gavroche (every day with $15 corkage)
          Artisanal (everyday was $20 then, but they have a good and reasonably-rpiced wine list)

          BTW, I did not consider your definition of "trendy" with my list above.

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            Apiary Monday nights is pretty popular with wine collectors in NY, so usually a pretty fun time. The Gotham's deal isn't completely open: as I understand it, you have to get a prix fixe menu, and no corkage fees only apply to one region each week. I would strongly recommend calling them for details before you just walk in with your own wine.

          2. Ivo and Lulu on Broome St. is BYOB with no corkage fee.