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Jan 20, 2010 01:28 PM

5 Guys Burger in Woodhaven

Just trying to see if it's really worth stopping in for??...anyone been??

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  1. Are you asking about one IN Woodhaven, or the one ON Woodhaven Blvd in Forest Hills around the corner from Trader Joe's. It's a decent chain burger, a little pricy for what it is. If you haven't tried it, sure, it's worth a stop. They're all over Manhattan, so if that's more convenient, you might want to check them out there too.

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      Is there another 5 Guys in the Woodhaven area other than the one near Trader Joes/Home Depot?

      It's not pricey at all for the quality. Much better than any fast food joints. Fries are excellent...I've never had a bad batch. Choice of toppings is nice as well...

    2. Hi wonka,

      It's not bad. The burgers are of the thin variety. The fries are pretty good. Everything seems freshly made. I think I had a decent milkshake there once as well. They also have complementary peanuts in the shell that you can eat as much as you want of (to highlight the fact that they fry their potatoes in peanut oil).

      My only real criticism may be no longer valid. One time when I went, the tile floor was slipperly from all of the grease (settling out of the air I presume). The next time I went the floors were fine.


      Glendale is hungry...

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        they don't have milkshakes--and they do a brisk business there--my toddler loves their burgers with barbecue sauce--the fries are hit or miss..get them tossed in just freshly made and they're great...if they've been hanging out there for a bit, they are soggy or limp--and overly salted---very nice and accomodating staff also--and I think the prices are fine--portion is large--gets very busy after 7pm--go at an off hour if you can..park in the home depot lot

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          floors were still slippery as of last saturday. perhaps b/c it was super busy that day? be careful.