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Creative eats for solo near Seattle Waterfront Mariott

joshua Jan 20, 2010 12:40 PM

I'm heading to Seattle from Portland today. I'll be there tonight (Wed 1/20) through Sunday morning. I'll be at a conference at the Seattle Waterfront Mariott (Alaskan way at Blanchard), and would love recommendations for great eats within a mile or so (2 in a pinch), as I'd like to walk my way from restaurant to restaurant.

I'm seeing from Google maps Le Pichet, Crocodile cafe, spitfire, palace kitchen, lola, wasabi bistro, Macrina, Rendezvous, mama's mexican, brasa, izakaya Wann, Buenos Aires Grill, Campagne, 94 Stewart. And a few more. So I'm thinking there will be lots of places to eat. But which ones are great?!?

For what it's worth, last time I was there I ate at How To Cook a Wolf and left quite happy.

Also, any Seattle chowhound get-togethers happening in the next five days? Because I don't have to eat alone EVERY meal.

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  1. Bento Beast RE: joshua Jan 20, 2010 01:00 PM

    Brasa- has a great happy hour and great food. Palace kitchen- is good and one of the best burgers around plus its open late. If your looking for a cheaper bite I would suggest Mamas for mexican and acid trip interior, Two bells tavern on 4th and bell st is good for a cheap bite and a beer too.

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      Jeffo405 RE: joshua Jan 20, 2010 06:13 PM

      For Mexican, El Puerco Lloron is closer to you and in many ways better than Mama's. It's located on the Hillclimb between the waterfront and the Pike Place Market. Speaking of the Market, Matt's is a good choice, as is Steelhead Diner.

      1. f
        firecracker RE: joshua Jan 20, 2010 08:29 PM

        I like Restaurant Zoe,94 Stewart, Steelhead Diner and Chez Shea. Great food at all of them. Place Pigalle is also unique and not too far. You do have to watch out for the Belltown area if you are walking around too late, though.

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          syrahgirl RE: firecracker Jan 21, 2010 05:53 PM

          We loved both of our meals at Etta's (Tom Douglas) and Cafe Campagne when we were in Seattle this past June. :)

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          bourbongal RE: joshua Jan 21, 2010 08:00 PM

          You are in a great spot for restaurants. If you liked How to Cook a Wolf, consider Ethan Stowell's other restaurant, Union, on the corner of First and Union. I also love Le Pichet (get the chicken liver terrine), Matt's in the Market and Brasa's happy hour. The small plates at Txori for happy hour are also great. Try at least one Tom Douglas restaurant - pick between Etta's or Dahlia Lounge. And a scone from Macrina is a must. I am not crazy about 94 Stewart although everyone else seems to be. Agree with El Puerco Lloron over Mamma's and Place Pigalle as another consideration.

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          1. re: bourbongal
            AnnaEats59 RE: bourbongal Jan 22, 2010 07:13 PM

            I agree with Le Pichet, Macrina, Union and Matt's in the Market. Cafe Campagne is great also. DEFINATELY El Puerco Lloron over Mamma's (does anyone still eat at Mamma's??). Also, It's also worth hopping on a trolley car (or many buses) to the international district for noodles at Samarai Noodle on 4th Ave, or Green Leaf on 7th Ave, both south of Jackson.

          2. h
            HungWeiLo RE: joshua Jan 15, 2012 12:17 AM

            Finally got a chance to try Buenos Aires Grill tonight. Boy, that's certainly a top contender for poor value/quality in Seattle. We're talking almost Met/Ruth's Chris prices for meat that you wouldn't even find at The Outback. We used a Groupon and a gift card - so our remaining balance was something like $12 - and I still felt it was a very low overall quality dining experience. Everything was very bland and the meats were of low quality. Even the chimichurri (or something that resembled it) was bad. The smiling staff was about the best part of the evening, despite the fact that they were evidently understaffed and overworked.

            Cafe Campagne is always nice. Just as good as Le Pichet, though Campagne seemed to have more of the old school meats-and-potatoes type dishes. Skip Mama's - it's for tourists off the cruise ship.

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