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Jan 20, 2010 12:32 PM

Fare Bistro - Suitable for a Male Bonding Evening?

Hello all,

I have been put in charge of organizing a gathering of 7-8 friends I've known since high-school. While Fare is only a few blocks from my house, I've embarrassingly never visited.

I am considering this as a location for the get-together because the menu definitely fits the bill. I wanted to ask a question about the ambiance before booking, however. Is the energy of the room conducive to warm conversation and the inevitable laughs, or is it more of a hushed couple’s vibe.

If it's #2, I'll visit with the wife at another time.

Thanks very much!

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    1. re: millygirl

      Oh god #2 for sure.

      If you're looking for a fun vibe in the Lesliveille area, Batifole and Gio's both fit the bill.

      1. re: childofthestorm

        Celi Cottage might be a good option also.

        1. re: millygirl

          2nd the Celli rec. Try and get the booth in the northeast corner, it's perfect for 8 people. The space is definitely conductive to warm conversation and occasional boisterous laughs. You can even hang outside by the fire pit if the weather's cooperative.

        2. re: childofthestorm

          Hey child, have you been to Gio's lately? I've not been in many months and the last time we drove by, hubby thought it looked different inside, somehow.

          1. re: millygirl

            Gio's is the same as always. They did expand into the space next door (Tomi-Kro style) a while back to gain extra seating, but everything else remains constant.

            Thanks for the feedback!

            1. re: jgloverwork

              Yeah, I've been. Frankly, the food has been just so-so, I heard something about the owner not being around? It's still a good option for the area, but one thing I wanted to mention but didn't is that it's probably a better spot for a girl's night out rather than a guy's night out. When they blare Duran Duran and you see all these fun groups of girls chugging martinis, well, it's not exactly Fight Club in there.

              I like the Ceili option too, cooked food can be hit and miss, check other threads, but for me pounding excellent oysters and pints is way more dude-ish.

              1. re: childofthestorm

                If Fare was to be the dinner option, I was planning to do Ceili afterwards. It would have been the perfect nightcap.

                We weren't looking for wings and hollering - we actually insist on jackets for dinner - but it sounds like Fare is still a little on the tame side.

                Batifole was a great idea - exactly the sort of vibe we were seeking. Option #2 after Fare was to do the distillery, so I think your comments have solidified that decision.

                Thanks again!