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Food items you enjoy in only very limited quantities or amounts?

You know the case ... the first bite is pure heaven, the second not so much, the third becomes absolutely revolting.

In other words, foods for you that have very very steep diminishing marginal utility curves.

For me, it's ...

Pop Tarts

And you?

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    1. Luckily, my marginal utility curve for the following foods only goes down after I've had a face-full, not just a few bites. But I know where the OP's coming from.

      Once a year, I make a liverwurst and onion sandwich on buttered/mustarded black bread with an obscene amount of onions.

      Once a year, I buy a can of Underwood Deviled Chicken and make a spread with cream cheese and chives. Spread it on Town House or Triscuit. Top with chopped olive/pimiento.

      Once a year, (I'm usually drunk) I buy a jar of marshmallow Fluff, some Skippy peanut butter and Arnold's Brick Oven White bread and make Fluffer-nutter sandwiches until I get sick.

      These days I buy Italian pastries only 2-3 times a year. Sfogliadelle, in particular, gets "old" with me very fast, but I *must* have it at least a few times a year.

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        Fluffernutter sandwiches?? You, shaogo??

        Who would've thunk it! :-)

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          I lerrrrrve liverwurst (or Braunschweiger) on whole kernel rye with red onion and mayo, YUM.

          I eat the liverwurst often, but bread (and all starches and sweets) very rarely.

          Once a year I have a small cup of premium cherry vanilla ice cream, and less than once per year I buy a chocolate dipped almond horn.

          It's probably a good thing to eat the fluffernutter til you get sick; keeps it down to annual, right? ;-)

        2. Halvah. A piece about the size of a marshmallow is plenty for me. And those sugared pieces of coconut sold on the street. I always eat half and throw the rest away, because enough with the sugared coconut already. It's also really hard to chew.

          1. Umeboshi. I get cravings for these, but I only want one or two. They are much too salty to eat a lot of, and I only want them once in a while.

            Kraft Dinner. With a tiny amount of ketchup. It is so gross, but so good. I want it every once in a while, but after the first few bites which are amazing, I have for force myself to finish the rest of it.

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              Remarkable. I thought first of ume, but ume is engineered to be eaten one or two with lots of gohan per dinner. It is a favorite food for me from childhood, but eaten only when I have plain hot steamed Japanese rice.

            2. Sweet potatoes/yams, 2 bites, done. Even french fried ones.
              Caramels, 1 that's it!
              Jalepeno poppers, after just 1 they seem disgustingly mealy.
              RyKrisp, love the first peice, no more.

              1. I always take a single bite out of marzipan. Enjoy that bite. Then quickly become revolted at the whole idea of it and throw the rest away.

                1. Limburger cheese. I love it for a while, then suddenly can't eat any more. This has never made sense to me but it's been this way since I was a child.

                  1. For me, it's anything made by Hostess Brands or anything that parents say you shouldn't feed your kids before they go to bed.

                    1. i posted this in the other thread, but when i was a teen, i went through a phase where i ate blackened dover sole almost every night... i burned out out out. every so often, i think i want some blackened sole. i get a few bites in, and the craving is gone.

                      steamed spinach is another one, where i can only eat a little bit, before i get annoyed by the scratchy feeling on the insides of my teeth. i make some, eat half hot, and then munch on it cold the next day.

                      rice - so many restaurants serve it as the "bed" to what i'll order. sometimes i ask them to hold it because i can't eat more than a couple of bites of it before i've had enough. it seems such a waste to me, and restaurants don't take the request "can i just get a couple of spoonfuls worth?" very well... so rather than eat two bites, and waste a plate, i just bypass it entirely. i really just like it as a vehicle for my Bragg's, and honestly, i have plenty of other vehicles for that salty goodness.

                      i LOVE potato skin, but really don't like the flesh at all. i will tolerate just a little bit of flesh, but will go to great lengths to avoid eating it with my skin.

                      1. Smoked oysters (probably stems from getting violently sick eating them as a child)
                        Raw cake batter
                        chocolate chip cookie dough
                        Liverwurst and onion sandwiches are NOT on my list as I love them. Good German liverwurst, black bread, red onions.

                        1. maple syrup - and the pancakes or french toast it is on. I love it, but it has always been too heavy & rich for me to have more than a few bites, even as a kid. Being of Vermont heritage (lol) I refuse to even buy the fake stuff. Funny enough, one of my kids is the same way. She puts cinnamon sugar on her pancakes & waffles, and just has a taste of the syrup.

                          1. Elk
                            Pie, except for pumpkin or cherry (I could eat those two any time)
                            Chocolate, especially milk chocolate. The big exception = brownies
                            Soft drinks
                            Peanut butter

                            1. Fried eggplant. I get an overwhelming craving for it during the summer when the small eggplants look so beautiful at the farmers market. After a couple of pieces, my body is begging for mercy and I don't want another eggplant for months. I suspect if I employed better cooking techniques, that might not happen.

                              1. Baklava

                                Nutella. I go through one jar, then don't want any more for 4 years or so.

                                Cheez Doodles. The salt just overwhelms me and makes me feel ill after the first handful, but I want them so much periodically in the store.

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                                1. re: thinks too much

                                  I second the baklava. It's good for a few bites, then it's just sticky and too intense.

                                2. Uni. Love love love it but in small quantities (max maybe 6 lobes) only please.