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Chinese Buns

Is there a good Chinese / Asian bakery in the area that makes Chinese buns - just the buns; no filling?

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  1. The only kinds of buns that have no fillings you can find in Chinese bakeries are the pineapple buns (so called because of its appearance) and the breads they make in house (not buns). Or are you talking about the steamed wheat buns you find in northern Chinese cuisine? For those, you won't find them in bakeries.

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      Maybe he's talking about the seldom-seen (but out there here and there) puffy buns used for Peking Duck and for some pork belly dishes.

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        yes, wayne, the white soft puffy ones that is used for Peking duck and/or Momofuku's pork belly buns. where can i get those buns (frozen or fresh - i don't mind)?

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          As someone else said, the frozen section of any Chinese market. They may or may not have them in the exact shape as those, but you can improvise by cutting the standard wheat bun in half (like a roll).

    2. your best bet may very well be the frozen section of grocers like Great Wall or H Mart or Grand Mart.

      1. I've bought house made buns at the Chinese grocery store on Rockville Pike. I'm blanking on the name of the shopping center, but it's the same one that has the Rocklands and Teaism.

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          XO Taste in Arlington does those little puffy buns you fill up yourself.

        2. The best chinese bakery that I know of is in Annandale, Viginia (with a sister place in Rockville, Md). The bakery is called Marie's Bakery and you can find it in a small chinese shopping mall in a place called Happy Go. It is on Rt. 236. I don't know where the rockville store is. But the baked goods are transported in from a factory in Md. and does not arrive with all the goodies until around 10-11am everyday. I don't know if they have the buns you are looking for, but they have many baked goods.

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            Some of us already know about Maria's. There may even be one in Eden Center. Not good, unfortunately.

          2. there is a chinese bakery right next to chinatown express on 6th and H street in chinatown. I bet they would make plain non stuffed chinese rolls if you gave them an order and advance notice. there rolls are very good!

            1. I don't know where to get the buns, but there's this place in Kensington (I think it's called Hong Kong) where they serve these buns - only slightly different and just as good. (Difference is that the pork belly is crispier and not as fatty).

              1. What you are describing is man tau (spelling may be different in Mandarin). It is a northern Chinese item. It is made of of wheat flour and steamed. If there is a northern style restaurant near you, they may be willing to sell it to you separately. For example, Sichuan Pavilion in Rockville serves them. Or, buy them frozen at the Asian markets. They are fine reheated following package directions--steam or wrap in wet paper towel and microwaved.

                One poster mentioned Maria's bakery. That chain is Hong Kong style, which is totally different. Whether you like that is based on personal preference. Hong Kong style baked goods are basically European pastries adaped to Chinese taste.