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Jan 20, 2010 11:29 AM

Any good options near the Dublin/Pleasanton BART?


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  1. There is a mall to the east on Dublin Blvd that has some pretty good Asian places, including a branch of Koi Palace for dim sum, a "Just Koi" for noodles, and one Afghan restaurant that we've yet to try.

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        There's not much that's walkable from the Dublin station. Your closest options are Red Robin which is located in a pad site in the Walmart parking lot at Owens Drive and Rosewood and in that same parking lot across from Border's book store there's a Thai place, Indian place (sorry, don't recall the names) and a Taco Bazaro.

        Across the freeway and further away there's Macaroni Grill, Mimi's Cafe, On the Border, Red Tractor, Fuddrucker's, Baja Fresh and a bunch of other small restaurants in the Hacienda shopping center complex, but they're not super close to the Bart station.

        If you exit the opposite direction from Owens (i.e., near the large Bart parking structure), you end up near all the car dealerships along 580 and there are restaurants on Dublin Road. But again, not exactly super close to the station.