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Jan 20, 2010 11:24 AM

dba, slipped, slipping or am I wrong?

I've been going to dba (Manhattan) since it opened. I go about once a month or so, so I'm not a regular or bar fly. It seems to me that the draft selection hasn't been that tasty in the past year and that the turn on the tap lines is slow. Sometimes you'll see a draft that was tapepd 2-weeks previously. Hell, when I stopped by the Brooklyn branch recently, it was even worse. When dba opened, it was breath of freshair, good brews, cask ale, no TV, no stupid, excessive beer signage. The competition is much greater these days and they seem to be falling down. Pacific Standard while ugly has great stuff, Spuyten Duvil, The Gate, the late & lovely Lenoras Way....what's up?

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  1. I was just there this weekend and it was suprisingly packed with people so it wasn't quite what I expected. Everyone was there to watch the game so it felt more sports bar than what I imagined. Granted, I was there during playoffs. The lists are impressive and the location is good, but I couldn't fully appreciate my (expensive) beer in that crowd!

    If you like a good beer list I highly recommend Rattle N Hum bar in the very unlikely location of midtown near the empire state building. They have a constantly changing beer menu and the staff is usually very knowledgeable. They also don't get the tourist crowd at all somehow.

    I would also recommend Pony Bar on 10th Ave in Hell's Kitchen. It reminds me of Blind Tiger and it's a bar very serious about its beers!