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Jan 20, 2010 11:08 AM

Favorite kid-friendly restaurant - north shore LI

new to area and want to take my parents and 5 year old son out for my 40th birthday...thanks!

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    1. I'm not sure where you are, so its hard to be specific, but the Ayan's Shisk Kebab mini-chain is kid-firendly and the food is pretty good. There are two in Port Washington (Shish Kebab and Fish Kebab) and one near Plainview, and I think there are a few others. In Port Washington you also might be able to try Diwan if you like Indian - I think they have a kids menu upstairs, although you should check first.

      Failing that, most restaurants (except the extremely high end) can accomodate a five year old with something relatively straightforward (pasta, sushi rice rolls, quesadilla, etc.).

      1. if you don't mind a little ride, r.s. jones in merrick is a great family spot. kid friendly and great food and atmosphere. reservations are for five or more i believe.

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            since i moved upstate, it's one of the places i miss most. fun place and really nice folks. never had a bad meal there.

        1. Lola in Great Neck gets accolades from many here on Chowhound.

          For simple seafood Neraki in Huntington is a good choice.

          Kitchen A Bistro in St. James is also a well liked Chowhound fave on this board.

          I'm sure others will chime in with more good recommendations.

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            I would not take a child to Kitchen a Bistro, totally wrong atmosphere. Very adult, very quiet and serene, friendly, but a grownups only vibe.

            Depending where you are, Mirabelle Tavern in Stony Brook, but not the more formal dining room, is a very nice casual room.