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Chili recipes and tips

If you're local to Southern New Hampshire, I'm interested in hearing what your ingredients/recipes/tips are for chili. Anyone have a great chili recipe that they make? If so, what do you include in it?


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  1. Why would So New Hampshire chili be different than other regions?

    1. I would be most interested in hearing what Southern New Hampshire chili is like. Little did I know that Southern New Hampshire had a chili culture! In any event, I'm sure it's much better than that nasty Northern New Hampshire chili--that's stuff's intolerable. ;)

      1. I wonder too. My cousin moved to DownEast ME (from TX) and misses her bowl of red - says the "chili" up there tastes more like spaghetti sauce with a lot of black pepper - her words, not mine. :)))

        My initial bet would be that NE versions neglect to use cumin - but maybe not! Curiously, perhaps we'll find out.

        1. They put maple syrup in it, right?

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            It would have to be Vermont maple syrup to be any good.........

          2. Ooooooooooooo! All you southerners/ southwesterners and a Cannuck are cruel to the MAX! This poor Yankee woman asks an innocent question (What else can one expect from someone from a state who's license motto is "Live Free or Die"?) She wants to learn about "chili", whatever that is and youse guys give her grief!!!
            Dearie, in Southern NH, much like Red/Green Town, Davwud, "chili" is more of a ground beef, tomato, kidney bean stew (Please, refrain PK). Fry up a mess of onions, garlic and ground beef, add diced canned tomatoes, some chile powder, S&P ( and if you are daring,cumin>) Viola! One has Southern New Hampshier or Eastern "Chili". Add a little corn bread on the side, please. (Now we get into the North vs South corn bread debate!)
            Now was that so hard, gang?
            Now I think I'll go heat up a snack of green chile, beef heart pozole.
            WICKED GOOD!
            Pssst Michelle, Go Wildcats!

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            1. Michelle - I'm local to SoNH (I'm from MA anyway), and here's what's in my chili:

              Stew beef
              Flank steak (cut into thin strips)
              Portuguese chorizo (maybe this is your New England ingredient!!
              1 soup bone (scoop our marrow once it's been in the chili for a while and discard bone)
              canned whole tomatoes
              tomato paste
              kidney beans
              Dark beer (porter or stout, what ever I have in the fridge)
              Spices: kosher salt, ancho chili powder, chipolte chili powder, smoked spanish paprika, black pepper, dash of cayene if you want it spicy

              Be sure to brown the meat before putting it into the chili pot. Use the beer to deglaze the plan after browning the meat!

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                Eighty-six the maters and the beans, up the cayenne to a quarter cup, throw in a coupla cups o' beef stock and you're talkin' my language. ;)

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                    Alright, alright, I'll admit that's a bit conservative. Let's make it 1/3 cup. ;)

              2. On a more serious note, if you have to make chile for people who don't like "hot" food, use generous quantities of a good Hungarian paprika (or even a smoked Spanish if they don't mind that.) That way it may not be hot, but at least it has some flavour, and you can stand to eat it too. (But pass the hot sauce.)

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                  if you leave out the maters and beans and use unground beef thats closer to carne asada or carne adovodo in new mexico. most places chili has cumin & coriander which may be in chili powder depending what brand you use. for all-in-one type chili powder carol shelby is my favorite.