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Jan 20, 2010 10:22 AM

Calgary Sunday Brunch 2010

We have been enjoying the Port O' Call lately.

Going sunday not sure where. The Palliser seemed to be the consensus last year but sounds more expensive than we are thinking.

Monty's Crab Shack in the hotel on Edmonton Trail beside McKnight Blvd is on again. I used to be pretty excellent and inexpensive. The price is up a bit and we have not been back yet.

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  1. Ummm... I think Nellie's would probably be off of your radar no?

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    1. re: DeeDub

      I was never a fan of Nellie's but I've had worse. If you think that's unusual you might want to stop eating anything from any restaurant or in a package. Probably a good idea but...

    2. Lots of places for brunch in the Renfrew area - Over Easy, Diner Deluxe, Aka Winebar, and iirc Big Fish also does a Sunday Brunch. Down south there's The Ranche, and Cora's (although reports have them hit & miss lately). Downtown I'm partial to Thomson's Sunday brunch buffet (the Hyatt) and I know others have recommended Dim Sum for a different approach to the usual.

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      1. re: maplesugar

        Wut's iirc?

        How expensive is Thomson's in the Hyatt?

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          sorry iirc is shorthand for "if I remember/recall correctly" other abbreviations common to chowhound are fwiw: for what it's worth, ISO: in search of, ymmv: your mileage may vary, and unique to our board YYC and other applicable airport codes as shorthand for the city the hound is referring to ie "Sushi in the YYC" is a sushi thread that is updated now and again. Since the board covers BC, AB, SK & MB it's handy to specify the city/airport code in the title/post.

          Netlingo is a handy resource too HTH :)

          ETA: Just checked with Thomson's because I couldn't remember how much it was and their Sunday brunch is $28. More than I remember but then I'm not usually the one picking up the tab....they validate for their parking - assuming there's room, if not there's an Impark lot across centre street from them.

          1. re: maplesugar

            Ah, yeah I've got some abbreviations, that one is either new or not common enough where I go on the net, thanks for the clearification.

            I must admit I hate trying to park downtown and it will prevent me in most cases from going there.

            My intent with this thread is to get current info/discussion going. The all you can eat BBQ Father's day brunch at the four points is a great memory but since it doesn't exist, it's not so helpfull for choosing your next outing.

      2. My go to's - Palliser, Pffantastic Pannekoek, Diner Deluxe, or Avenue Diner. Have heard good things about Dairy Lane - going to try it this weekend... excited.

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        1. re: foodkarma

          I haven't been yet but I noticed that 1410 Bierhaus on 17th serves brunch on Saturdays and Sundays (menu not buffet).

          1. re: Merry113

            We went on Halloween—I did like their Strawberry Banana Grill (FrenchT oast made with banana bread).

          2. re: foodkarma

            Dairy Lane was amazing. Local and organic ingredients make for really fresh dishes. We shared stuffed Swiss/Ham French Toast and my fav Smoked Salmon/Asparagus Eggs Benny. The hollandaise is really creamy and tastes freshly made. The egg was cooked exactly the way it was ordered. The place is packed! Would recommend going either really early or really late for brunch.

          3. Coast Plaza. Nom nom nom.

            Executive Royal Inn is pretty good, too (for Sunday brunch).

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            1. re: Lainey1978

              The wife and kids hit Glenmore Inn this morning while I sniffed and sneezed at the television.

              The report was food as good as allways. Not totally gormet but all the goods for chowing down. Roast beef, eggs, sausage, bacon, custom omlete, etc. salad bar and dessert bar.

              Here's the best part, price reduced to $17 and change. Nice! I was getting used to brunch being over 20 each. I'm excited about this new plan.