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Jan 20, 2010 10:20 AM

MSP - Ideas for a 21st birthday bash?

Hey. Anyone have a good idea for where to go for a 21st? I'm in Mac Groveland, but I'm open to heading over to Minneapolis/Uptown. Everyone keeps talking about Shout House, and while $2 Vodka Redbulls (the big day is Wednesday) have the advantage of having Chilean type pricing (I miss Santiago bars!) I'm not really into the dueling piano thing.

Any ideas?

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  1. Moscow on the Hill would be fun. Lot's of vodka there. If you're heading westward..

    Town Talk would be a fun spot for a 21st. Adult malts or malt liquor, or both.

    If you make it to Uptown, give Moto-i a shot. They have a sake bar, and a fun vibe. Food is solid but unspectacular. I don't think it's on fire anymore, but you might want to call ahead.

    If cheap is your goal, I'd recommend Pancho Villa. Great Mexican food (both authentic and less so), and 2 for 1s if you ask.

    1. All my friends' kids who are in their early 20's go started at Pancho Villa...there's some drink that looks like a stoplight (3 shots, stacked, green, yellow and red).

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        Pancho Villa has a deal that if you bring six friends you drink free on your birthday. And they have 2 for 1s very, very often. And the food is pretty good. I like the Pazole.

        1. re: churchka

          I forgot about the birthday thing... With that information, I'd leapfrog Pancho Villa over the other candidates. Anything soup (Pozole or Caldo) is great, and they offer family style meals for larger parties that look like fun.

          If you get bored, you can head over to AZIA, Jasmine 26 or Black Forest, all of which feature great bars.

      2. I'm assuming you want something more like a cool bar than a restaurant. Correct?

        Have you checked out the Caterpillar Lounge connected with Azia? It's a small bar attached to the larger restaurant and sometimes they have good DJs. Chino Latino might be fun, too.

        You might look at if you want to know who has drink specials when.

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          Just FYI, AZIA will put you out a LOT of money. I say this as someone who respects that joint more than most. Just a fair warning...

          1. re: kevin47

            For dinner, you're right, it's really expensive. But for beer and wine they have good happy hour specials after 10, and some good cocktails, too.

          2. re: LiaM

            Yeah, I was definitely thinking cool bar...

            1. re: i_love_luhanka

              Thought I'd throw out some options that I think might be fun for a 21st:

              Bulldog (Northeast or Uptown) - great beer selections, and if people want to eat, the food is above average bar food. Definitely appropriate for a 21st birthday. (


              Barrio (Downtown) - not necessarily cheap drinks, but the bar has a great vibe. The food there is also very good (think small plates - Mexican). Can get extremely busy in the bar area on the weekend, but during the week it's not bad. (


              Club Jagr (Warehouse District) - VERY chill bar. Personally think this is one of the coolest looking bars in the city. Usually a good crowd on the weekends, but can be slow during the week. Transmission (DJ - indie, retro, etc.) happens on Wednesday's at 10, usually draws a decent crowd. Haven't had any food so can't comment on that. (

              1. re: b ster

                I definitely agree these are all good places, but wanted to note that it depends on how big of a group you're going to be. Bulldog Uptown isn't very big.

                If it's warm enough and/or you're hanging out with smokers, Jaeger also has a great patio with fire pits.

                I don't think the Red Stag has come up yet - that can be a nice bar scene, too, though more laid back. They also have bands some nights.

              2. re: i_love_luhanka

                Do you have a price point in mind? Some of the recos here serve $8-12 drinks. If price is no object, head to Graves.

                1. re: kevin47

                  This is a very good point. If price is no option, the bar at Cosmos in Graves is pretty impressive. Same goes for Bradstreet.

                2. re: i_love_luhanka

                  I think the coolest bar in town is Bradstreet, but the drinks are expensive and it is more of a chill place than an "OMG I TURNED 21" type place. But if you and friends are looking for a classy, quiet night, it is a great place to go.

              3. There is a place in Uptown, just northof the major intersection with a latin name. Jfood was there once and he would have wanted his 21st party there. Food is just OK but it was a great looking place for some drinks and fun meeting people.

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                1. re: jfood

                  Chino Latino I believe is what you're looking for....great option for a 21st, I agree.

                2. If you're not going Uptown, what about Stub N Herbs on the U of M campus?

                  Let's remember something here: you're 21. You're just starting out your life, and you don't have to impress anybody. Uptown is, well, pretentious. Wait a couple years till you're ready to settle down.