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Jan 20, 2010 10:10 AM

Help! Need Great Korean BBQ Recommendation in DC or Nearby.

My husband the foodie's bday is coming up, and all he wants is to go to Korean BBQ with a bunch of friends. Anyone know of an excellent place that won't require us to venture far from DC with a large group? Thanks very much.

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  1. How far is far? For Korean, you should go to Annandale.
    From Todd Kliman's Washingtonian chat yesterday:

    arlington va:
    I've read plenty about all the places in Annandale's koreatown--Yechon, Honey Pig, Gom Ba Woo, Han Gang and the bunch. What would you recommend as a place to go with three or four people where you can spend 15 bucks a person, maybe 20, and eat really, really well? I'm leaning towards Yechon.

    Todd Kliman:

    Yechon? I wouldn't.

    I'd hit Gom Ba Woo, which I think is probably the best all-around place to eat in Koreatown. Vit Goel is great for what it does -- the sputtering hot red pepper soup known as soon du bu -- and Honey Pig is fun and festive and does terrific barbecue, but I like Gom Ba Woo because you can have a little bit of all those things (as well as some very good kimchi), plus a cozy atmosphere, and a good price.

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      I love Korean food, probably more than any thing else. I was so excited to try Honey Pig. It did nothing for me. I thought the meat was just ok and the panchan were few in number and insipid. Kimchi had heat, but lacked actual flavor.

      If you're willing to drive to Tyson's Corner Woo Lae Oak is always trustworthy. A little Americanized, but always excellent meat.

      A Korean friend just reccomended Palace in Annendale and said it was quite good, but I haven't been.

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      1. I agree with Todd Kliman. But I just slightly prefer Honey Pig.... the atmosphere is a lot of fun.

        1. we like woomie garden in wheaton md. never been to annandale koreatown