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2010 - What are you buying?

Seen this thread on plenty of other forums, so what not here. What have you bought today? Cheers! -mJ

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  1. I'll start. I bought a case of Havens Bourriquot from Wine Library a week or so ago and opened a bottle last evening. Its a 92 point Napa blend. Apparently the producer is going out of business so WL is selling the fifty buck juice for $20. Ordered another case today. I think its that good.

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      Speaking of Havens, I bought a case of the liquidated Merlot for $6.99 a bottle from K&L.


      1. re: baron45

        Yes i have that. It is very good and you got it for a steal!

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          Spencer Daniels (formerly Bargain Bank) in SF has more liquidated Havens Merlot & Syrah:


          I bought the '02 & '05 Merlot, and tried the '04 Syrah (375 ml for $2.99). All were solid and storage for the older wines appeared OK.

    2. Anything 90 points or above, it's the only stuff that's worth drinking.
      (Just kidding)

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        So glad that I noticed the parentheses there. I had to do a double-take for your name, and the comment. Then, I read down a bit. [Grin]


      2. 2008 Rivers-Marie Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir x 3
        2008 Rivers-Marie Occidental Ridge Vineyard Pinot Noir x 3
        2008 Rivers-Marie Summa Vineyard Pinot Noir x 3
        2008 Rivers-Marie Summa Old Vines Pinot Noir x 3
        2008 Rivers-Marie Theriot chardonnay x 2

        1. With in the last two weeks:
          1 case 2006 Havens Merlot
          1 case 2005 Trailblazer NC Syrah
          mixed case 2005 Basel Cellers Syrah & Merriment
          3 2006 Balboa Winery "Salyulita"
          1 2007 Vietti Barbara d'Asti Tre Vigne
          1 2004 Ch. Lanessan Haut-Medoc
          1 2008 Deboeuf Morgan
          1 2008 Deboeuf Chirobles
          1 2007 Castello di Querceto Chianti Classico
          1 2007 Vitiano Rosso

          1. For me, and considering my advanced age, I am buying many more "ready to drink," or "early aging" wines. I still have enough that will likely peak years after my death, so I am looking "closer to home." Now, that is just me.


            1. Thanks to a crappy economy, there has not been a better time to buy wine in a decade.
              So I'm not surprised to see all of you mentioning great wine being sold off at an amazing price.

              I am finding amazing Southern Rhone values in 2005 and 2006...because of a bad economy and also because 2007 has received so much fame.

              New Zealand - Central Otago. Pinot noir and pinot gris. These NZ varietals are not well known in the US, so they are being discounted. Great pinot noir can be found for 15-20 that used to be in the 40s.

              Bordeaux - a few of the biggest global buyers of reds decided not to buy futures in 2008s and also pare down their stocks of 06 and 07. That means there will be deals galore.

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                I think the 07 Rhônes are actually significantly lower priced than most of the 06 releases, and I have found them to be worth the acclaim. Small sample size, I know, but the Vieux Donjon 06 and the 07 side by side was not even close, and the 07 was less expensive.

                05 Rhônes, OTOH, are pretty awesome still.

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                    Just bought some 2008 Kermit Lynch Cotes du Rhone......I could bathe in this stuff

                1. 2005 Numanthia termes
                  2005 Rudd Prop red
                  2004 Quinta des Bacilladas
                  2004 I Greppi Grepicaia
                  2006 Ramey Syrah
                  2008 Tres Picos.....
                  I have a problem

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                    I'm following a two prong strategy.

                    First, I'm cutting back on the wine I'm buying from my allocations. Buying fewer bottles from most of them, dropping some of them.

                    Second, I'm in negotiations with a local wine merchant to sell him some of the wine from my cellar that should be drunk within the next couple of years (and I have way too much of like some small production PNs) or wines that I have lost interest in (mainly Cab Franc and Shiraz) and taking credit against it to purchase many fewer, but higher quality wines (actually looking for some older Bordeaux, white Burgs, etc.) so that I end up with about three cases of wines that either I'm going to cellar or drink soon to replace about 10-12 cases of wine that I now own but will not get around to drinking anyutime soon.

                  2. 07 Rhone across the board. The prices are 10-20% lower than the 06s.
                    05, 06, 07 German Riesling, older vintages as well.
                    97-01 nebbiolo.
                    05 Bordeaux. These prices are dropping as well.
                    Sicilian Nerello
                    Friulian whites
                    older Burgundies, red and white
                    Oregon Pinot Noir
                    Basically the entire kitten-caboodle

                    Specific Producers:
                    Vieux Telegraphe, Beaucastel, Donjon, Janasse, Alain Graillot, Scavino, Clerico, Giacosa, Giuseppe Mascarello, Passopisciaro, Terre Nere, Valle dell'Acate, Prum, Gunderloch, Muller-Catoir, Eugen Muller, Domaine Serene, Lancellotti, Beaux Freres, Krug, Larmandier-Bernier, Raveneau.

                    I really hope my tax refund covers all this...

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                    1. re: mengathon

                      Holdredge Pinot Noir Russian River Valley Bucher Vineyard 2006
                      Holdredge Pinot Noir Russian River Valley Wren Hop Vineyard 2006
                      Holdredge Pinot Noir Russian River Valley 2007
                      Holdredge Pinot Noir Russian River Valley "Maize Rose" 2006
                      Holdredge Pinot Noir Russian River Valley "Old School" 2008
                      Holdredge Pinot Noir Russian River Valley "New School" 2008

                      1. re: njfoodies

                        Looks like someone bought a berserker anniversary package.

                      2. re: mengathon

                        Found me a Cavallotto Riserva V. San Giuseppe 97 at a good price!

                        1. re: mengathon

                          That's malicious ( I was about to write "bitchy", but rather not ).

                          A decent post would read: "Found Cavallotto Riserva V. San Giuseppe 97 @ <this fabulous price> @ <this fantastic place>.

                          1. re: RicRios

                            eh... i bought everything they had... which was exactly one bottle.

                            i'd be happy to pass along my purveyor's email if you would like more?

                            1. re: mengathon

                              Just kidding.
                              Violates etiquette.
                              You never ask a lady her age, you never ask a wino his sources.

                      3. Kosta Browne allocations are up. Took 4 each of the Somoma Coast and the Russian River pinot noir. Same pricing as last year at $52. -mJ

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                          WOW......it is good to see that someone beside me has heard of (and enjoys Holdredge.

                          Have you tried Camelia Cellars?

                        2. Storybook Mountain Zin
                          Ordering my Kosta Browne today

                          Heading to Lyon and Burgundy next week.....that may get dangerous!!

                          1. Rivers Marie and Rhys from mailing lists. I'm waiting to hear back on wishlists from Rhys before I make any other major purchases....

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                              Nice! I am on the waitlist for Rhys and won't get to see what is available until the 15th I think. =( -mJ

                            2. Grüner Veltliners
                              German Rieslings, though mostly concentrating on 2007
                              Domaine Ramonet
                              Domaine Gramenon Côtes du Rhone
                              Greenock Creek

                              Always on the lookout for interesting Pinot Noir.

                              1. My first post on Chowhound!
                                Some '02 San Vicente Rioja
                                '01 Rocca Barolo

                                Is Rhys really as "Burgundian" as people say? I am wary of such claims, but at $50 for village wines, if there's an alternative out there...

                                1. Spending money I don't have... again...

                                  Ruinart Blanc de Blancs 96
                                  Ceretto Barolo Bricco Rocche Prapo 04
                                  Ceretto Barbaresco Asij 06
                                  Beaucastel CdP 83
                                  Beaux Freres Pinot Noir Upper Terrace 07
                                  Felsina Chianti Classico Riserva Rancia 06

                                  1. Well, got a good deal on some 2007 Vintage Porto, and some 2000 on close-out. 2007 Côtes-du-Rhônes, as well as wines from "higher" appellations. Vinho tinto from the Douro. Chablis. Gruner Veltliner. Sancerre. Beaujolais-Villages, Morgon, Moulin-à-Vent.

                                    In other words, all the usual suspects . . .

                                    1. Over the weekend:
                                      2006 Fiddlehead Oldsville Reserve pinot noir
                                      and a few bottles of Danny DeVito's Limoncello

                                      1. 2007 Herb Lamb Cabernet Sauvignon E II Red Herb Lamb Vineyard x 2

                                        1. 2007 Kirkland Napa Cab $12.99
                                          2007 Kirkland Signature napa Cab $20
                                          I only bought these wines to experiment because so many CH'ers commented on how good Costco's private brand is. Their vodka is excellent I would have to agree. The $12 cab was still tight, but hey it's only $12 for napa juice. I'll wait on the Signature.

                                          1. Everything about this wine is wrong:

                                            The name - Pillar Box Red

                                            The Vintage is on the back of the bottle, it's a cab, merlot blend, it has a screw cap. Buy a bottle let it breath and enjoy, this stuff is really good at it's price point, under $10.

                                            1. 2006 Pessac-léognan Ch. Picque-Caillou.
                                              One-* Hachette 2010, winery price € 15-23.
                                              (Wood) Case of 12, U$S 198.00, or about €11/btl. FOB NYC.
                                              Now, THAT's a deal.

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                                              1. re: RicRios

                                                amazing price. Drinking well at this point?

                                                1. re: kaysyrahsyrah

                                                  Haven't tried it yet.
                                                  I deeply believe in bottle shock.
                                                  One month rest before even thinking on the stuff.

                                              2. 2007 Maybach Family Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Materium x 6
                                                2007 Scarecrow x 2 from a board member at cost.

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                                                1. re: njfoodies

                                                  Wow! nothing more needs to be said!

                                                  1. re: triggs73

                                                    LOL triggs73! I'll say more when my Scarecrow allocation hits on the 11th! ;-)

                                                      1. re: triggs73

                                                        My wife and I both got our postcards, and we both made the list this year from the waiting list. We both signed up for the waiting list back in 2007, but have been purchasing through a friends allocation in the past. Needless to say, we're both excited, and will both be buying on the 11th. Looks like we'll have 8 bottles in the cellar of the 2007's. Couldn't have asked for a better vintage to make the list! Can't wait to try these in the years to come. Probably crack one in 2015 sometime, and depending on how it shows, we'll see when the rest get their chance to shine! Awesome! -mJ

                                                        1. re: njfoodies

                                                          OK, I lied, only gonna have 6. Let Steve pass on the two bottles we usually get from him every year to some of his other friends waiting in line. As much as I would love to have more of this, no sense in being greedy. Although I would love to be greedy and have a ton of this stuff... -mJ

                                                2. 2007 Corra Cabernet Sauvignon x 3

                                                  1. Mostly pinots:
                                                    Rivers Marie
                                                    Windy Oaks
                                                    I'm on the fence about Littorai...

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                                                    1. re: Cary

                                                      Heck of a great pinot list! -mJ

                                                    2. 2007 Scarecrow x 3 from my allocation
                                                      2007 Scarecrow x 3 from my wife's allocation
                                                      2007 Scarecrow x 3 from a friends allocation who had nowhere to ship it, and who's wife didn't seem to approve of this purchase. Life is good! It's like Christmas day! -mJ

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                                                      1. re: njfoodies

                                                        last two months has been brutal...

                                                        sine qua non
                                                        screaming eagle
                                                        aubert chard
                                                        herb lamg e2 cab
                                                        pride rserved cab/claret
                                                        2004 Bouchard Père et Fils Meursault 1er Cru Les Genevrières

                                                        1. re: rickym13

                                                          Brutal indeed! But congrats rickym13, that is a hell of a list! I couldn't pull the trigger on Screaming Eagle this year, but some friends took it. Too rich for my blood with the others. Got shot down by Schrader via e-mail yesterday. Bummer! -mJ

                                                      2. For the cellar: 2007 Rhones and 2008 Bordeaux futures, lots of great values out there.

                                                        For everyday: Alsace Rieslings, Argentina Malbecs, anything Spanish.

                                                        1. 2005 Schrader Zin $30 in Manhattan.

                                                          1. 2008 Sea Smoke Allocations are up. Anyone buying? I moved up to C2 status this year, and was offered (2) Botella, (10) Southing, (4) Ten, as well as a magnum each of the Southing and Chardonnay. -mJ

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                                                            1. re: njfoodies

                                                              Seven of us tasted the Southing, iirc, at World of Pinot earlier this month and were not impressed. Also recall being disappointed in last year's offerings as well.

                                                              1. re: PolarBear

                                                                I haven't tasted the '08's yet, but I am interested to seeing as this is the first vintage where Kris Curran didn't have her hands in the mix. We had an '07 Southing off a restaurant wine list for $59. At that price, I couldn't pass it up. Decanted for most of the night while we enjoyed two other bottles, and it opened up OK, but still needed lots of time. Regardless, I think it will develope nicely in the next 5-10 years. Like I've said before the '02's-'05's are just getting to a good spot...for my palate at least. Should be interesting to see how the '07's and '08's develope. I'll be a buyer, and probably take all of it... -mJ

                                                                1. re: njfoodies

                                                                  I really appreciate and look forward to your reviews. And as I posted, I couldn't help but wonder if age was a major factor. Again, memory being the big screwup, last year featured both the Botella and Southing (not the 10). Vague memories from vintages past we loved the Botella, and increasingly the Southing and 10. I'm afraid that at their pricepoint, we found so many others to enjoy. Again, if you're willing to wait... we're not.

                                                                  1. re: PolarBear

                                                                    Thanks PolarBear. Pulled the trigger yesterday and took everything I was offered, plus a mag each of the Southing and the Chardonnay. Probably keep them all, but if not, there are always friends looking to take these off of my hands. Looking forward to them. They should ship in November, and I have them going to pffiste to sleep for a few years with my 06's and '07's. Maybe we'll try them around 2014 or '15...LOL. -mJ

                                                            2. Loring 3 pack sampler for $59.97. Heck of a nice deal! Bottle each of the 2008 Shea, Aubaine, and Keefer. Shipping a flat $5. Heck of a great deal! Just ordered mine. -mJ

                                                              1. '07 Larkmeand cabernet sauvignon x 4
                                                                '07 Herb Lamb x 2

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                                                                1. re: njfoodies

                                                                  Kosta Browne just arrived today.

                                                                  1. re: baron45

                                                                    Nice! I got my '08's a few weeks ago at offsite. I still need to get up there and get my '06's that have been sitting there since they shipped! LOL! '07's, and now '08's are there as well. Need to start drinking some KB! -mJ

                                                                2. My last purchases for the year... hopefully

                                                                  Alain Graillot Crozes Hermitage 07
                                                                  Edmunds St. John Old Black Magic 06
                                                                  Von Schubert Auslese Grunhauser Herrenberg 97
                                                                  Hanzell Chardonnay Sonoma 86 - want to see how this bad boy ages
                                                                  Lapierre Morgon 08
                                                                  JL Chave Côtes-du-Rhône Mon Coeur 07
                                                                  Texier Côtes-du-Rhône Brezème 07
                                                                  Beaurenard CdP Boisrenard 07
                                                                  Bois de Boursan CdP Cuvée Felix 03
                                                                  Beaux Freres Pinot Noir Upper Terrace 07
                                                                  Roumier Bonnes Mares 05
                                                                  Beaucastel CdP 83
                                                                  Henri Bonneau CdP 01
                                                                  Fèlsina Chianti Classico Riserva Rancia 06
                                                                  Dauvissat Chablis Séchet 07

                                                                  Must drink two cases before buying anymore....

                                                                  1. Next of Kyn - (3) 750's and a Mag