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Jan 20, 2010 09:24 AM

Dressing for Citus Salad?

Now that we're in peak citrus season, I'd love to serve a citrus salad that has a couple of different types of grapefruit, naval oranges and blood oranges over spring greens. What kind of dressing would go best with it?

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  1. How about some plain yoghurt thinned with orange juice, with mint added?

    1. You and NYT's Bittman seem to be on a similar wavelength, though he doesn't include greens (no reason why you couldn't).

      He writes about it here:

      and recipe here:

      I've been recently using citrus, greens, raisins, walnuts, grated carrots, and a "Moroccan" dressing (citrus vinaigrette with cinnamon and cumin). Pretty nice.

      1. Dressing for Salad of Citrus Fruits and Apples

        (you don't need to add the thinly-sliced, peeled apples that've been tossed in citrus juice)

        1 tsp. Colman's dry mustard
        1 tsp. Onion juice or finely minced sweet onion
        4-6 Tbs. Maille raspberry vinegar

        Whisk these ingredients and whisk in very, very slowly:

        1/2 cup olive oil
        3 Tbs. dark amber sesame oil
        Toasted sesame seeds to taste -- make sure you toast them rather darkly

        Check the seasoning and toss with the salad. Serve on dark greens.

        Dressing for Salad of Grapefruit, Orange and Meyer Lemon Segments

        2 tsp. Colman's dry mustard
        Juice of half a lemon
        2 Tbs. White Vinegar -- (yes, plain ole white vinegar)
        1 tsp. sugar
        2 Tbs. finely minced scallion (white part only)
        Cracked black pepper to taste
        Pinch tarrgon
        Asian Chili Paste to taste

        Whisk together thoroughly (it helps to leave this mixture in the fridge for half a day) and emulsify by whisking rapidly and adding very slowly, drizzling at first:

        1 cup olive oil

        Now fold in 1/2 to 3/4 cup diced seeded fresh tomato, that's been allowed to drain for a moment in a sieve.

        Check the seasoning. Arrange the citrus on top of endive leaves or dark green salad and pour the dressing over. Garnish with batons of daikon radish or raw beet.

        Delicious fresh citrus is a delight -- and so very good for you. I would serve these salads with a darker, chewy bread that contains currants or raisins. Serve a creamy soup (cream of parsnip, cream of cauliflower, cream of smoked salmon) with a citrus salad for added contrast.

        1. For citrus-season salads with greens and citrus, I really like a simple dressing of equal parts olive oil, sherry vinegar, and fresh-squeezed orange juice. The nuttiness of sherry vinegar complements citrus well. A tiny bit of orange flower water added to your dressing is a nice complement, as well.

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            I was about to say a simple vinaigrette with sherry vinegar and the juice squeezed from the rinds cut off from the fruit. Same wavelength!

          2. We just made a citrus dressing using pomm juice, apple cider vinegar, light extra virgin olive oil and s&p. Very nice.

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              that sounds great, I might add a little honey.

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                Oh honey would be a nice addition if you prefer the sweetness or the fruit in the salad is tart. I like tart over sweet usually. Nice idea nhf.