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Jan 20, 2010 09:00 AM

Need sunday breakfast brunch in or near Gilford, NH - Tamworth, NH


Need a decent place for breakfast/brunch in Gilford or on the road to Tamworth from there...

Nothing fancy, just good quality..

Thanks for any help...

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  1. Been twice to the Lion's Den (great views too) and loved it, I think they do a Sunday something. I've also heard great things about Elacoya Grill in Gilford too.

    If you are going through Meredith to Rt. 25 to Tamworth, I think Largo in Meredith has a brunch, I know that Church Landing does a wonderful brunch buffet but might be pricier"

    you can't beat the breakfast in Moultonboro at Village Kitchen (but not a brunch) on rt 25.
    or in Meredith at George's Diner both are excellent values, excellent food.