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Jan 20, 2010 08:41 AM

osaka is gone???

A friend told me that Osaka has changed (names? owners?) Is this true? If so, what has replaced it and does it have similar food and ambiance. Osaka was one of my favourite restaurants close to McGill. I was hoping to head there tonight...

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  1. The new name is Furusato and it's the same owner/cook/servers. The menu has changed and it has new typos. Menu changes include the fried squid removal and the tonkatsu offered again.

    They are currently closed for renovations and will open again on January 25th.

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    1. re: marblebag

      Furusato is japanese for "hometown."
      I was also told it's the same owner etc.

      The food there has always been very good and authentic homey japanese. They only serve sushi because of market pressure ("hunh, why would a japanese restaurant not serve sushi?! hunh?!"), but I have always found them to have excellent fish and the chef knows what he is doing. (If you want "fancy rolls" and all that jazz, go elsewhere).

      Try the hamachi kama shio yaki (salted grilled yellowtail neck) and saba yaki (grilled mackerel).

      Pretty much exactly the same can be said about Azuma up on St-Laurent Blvd, only they have dimmed lights and more "nice dinner out" seating and self-imported sake. :)

      gah I miss Montreal. ;)

    2. A friend who frequents this place (they even call him Andrew-San) said that the food quality seems to be even better now, indicating that they may be using better ingredients for some things.

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      1. re: The Chemist

        I had a pork cutlet bowl a few weeks ago (katsudon). To be honest, wasn't great. My friends enjoyed their sushi/maki though.

        1. re: sockhead

          I've never had anything there besides sushi to be honest.

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            I went back last night. The sushi was the same as always, identical even. The only changes are the decor (white and much cleaner) and the prices have gone up slightly.

            1. re: The Chemist

              I've heard good things about this place but yesterday was the first time I finally went to try it out for myself. The sushi/maki was really good and everything was freshly made in front of our eyes, none of this all you can eat sushi quality crap.

              My friend and I shared the spicy salmon and shrimp tempura rolls (8 pieces each) and tried the eel roll (4 pieces) as well as the regular tuna rolls (6 pieces). The first two were about $8-9/each, the eel $6 and the regular tuna $5 which I thought was pretty fair. Total was $31 after taxes.

              Really enjoyed how they gave free tea with our meal, staff was very friendly and filled our pot several times throughout the evening. I'd definitely recommend checking it out. One of the better places in Montreal to eat sushi.

              1. re: jonny8

                The best sushi there, imho, is the 1) haiwa roll, 2) the veggie tempura roll, and 3) the yellow tail nigiri. If you stick to these, it's almost as good as Jun i. Almost =D

                1. re: The Chemist

                  I must be really old because I can actually remember the days when sushi was automatically served as 8 pieces, then came 6 and now I have been to places where 4 is generous.

                  I even remember when sushi restaurants began listing the no of pieces one got per order... so if Furusato serves these portions I am definitely checking them out and those prices are absolutely fair for the portions.