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Jan 20, 2010 08:17 AM

Local pancetta in Milwaukee

There's a couple in Riverwest that have started dry-curing pancetta and other Italian-style meats from local heritage pigs.

Picked up some at the Winter Farmers market at State Fair park. It's not Molanari's, but good. If you're interested in supporting local, it's worth a try. Not rolled, so slab ends are vacuum-sealed and discounted in comparison to the packaged slices.

Sorry if this sounds like a plug. It's not, just fyi, and a recommendation, made a sauce with it (tomato, veggies, roma beans) and it had a good, but little bit different flavor.

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  1. thanks mike_d. I noticed the other day that grasch's is carrying guancialle <sic>. Not sure if it's the same company, but I'll check. Any good ideas for it?

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      I've never tried the guanciale, but a friend has, says it was good with a fried egg, as a sandwich. Grasch's isn't on their list, Rupena's at the Public Market, Glorioso's were

    2. We went over to the farmer's market yesterday & had samples of both the pancetta and the guanciale. Both were wonderful. We bought a nice piece of the pancetta for a really great price. Cant wait to try their prosciutto.