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Jan 20, 2010 07:42 AM

Fish snacks

Anyone have any quick and easy ways to make sardines into a snack or lunch? They are so rich in Omega 3s, I'd like to eat them more often. My wife won't touch them, so I was thinking I could bring them to work for lunch or make a quick snack at home.

Along a similar thought, I sometimes take pickeled herring and add it to a whole wheat cracker (Wheat Thin) and add a little cream cheese. Quick snack and tastes great.

Any other ideas?

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  1. Good for you! I love sardines and smoked trying to love canned salmon too (has more omega-3's than the others, I've read)...but here's a thread you might enjoy that offers some nifty ways to enjoy sardines. I usually just like them out of the can (drained) but I do like the kippers on low-salt Triscuits with a little Boar's Head mustard.

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      I did try some smoked herring out of the can for lunch and thought it was pretty good. I tried a different store, and they had a little better variety. They even had one brand of sardines in a mustard sauce. I'll have to experiment and try a few. Add a piece of fruit or something else, and I could call that lunch. Thanks for the leads.

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        Wow....I may have to rethink my idea of bringing sardines to work. The whole office smells like fish now and I think they are on to me!

    2. if you want to keep it simple, just eat them on crackers like the herring, or as a sandwich. i particularly love eating the ones packed in tomato sauce straight from the can. have them with some whole-grain crackers or crispbread and a salad on the side and you've got a meal!

      1. Saw a Jacques Pepin show recently and he made a salad with chunks of smoked herring, some chopped shallots and a bit of celery, parsley, capers \, pepperocini and fresh peas tossed in a little mayo and pickle juice from the pepperocini, S&P to taste (maybe a shot of hot sauce?, don't remember). That would be easy to mix up in some tupperware and keep in the fridge for lunch at work. Just carry some crackers along.

        1. All these suggestions are mouth-watering. But the OP's gonna bring them to work. Are sardines, smoked specialties, shallots, onions and whatever "safe-for-work" foods, odor-wise?

          Okay, that (grouchy) thing being said, I love Roland brand sardines and their mackerel fillets (also high in Omega-3 etc.). The mackerel fillets don't smell bad and are a delightful combo with some tomatoes that've been seasoned with salt, pepper and tarragon. Pass the good bread.

          At home, pickled herring is nearly always in our fridge. In cream sauce. It's one of the few things I'll buy pumpernickle bread for. And we lay on the thinly-sliced onion, and schmear the bread with some Dijon mustard.

          I often buy fish and poach it (something as simple as cod or even a slightly stronger fillet), chill it and flake it into fish salad, with minced celery, onion and parsley.

          Do you buy sushi? If you do, prevail upon the sushi restaurant to give or sell you a whole lot of wasabi and pickled ginger. Eating plain old out-of-the-can sardines is a whole new experience with Japanese accoutrements.

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          1. re: shaogo

            Boy I wish I would have thought of the smell before I cracked open the smoked herring. I'm told I had a herd of cats huddled outside my office door. I may have to eat lunch in my car from now on.

            1. re: egbluesuede

              hahahaha! I usually eat at my desk...(nasty, acid tongues usually are wagging away in the kitchen)...BUT I don't eat sardines at my desk because I am aware that one of my bosses finds it off to the kitchen I go with the sardines. Do you have a kitchen area you can go to for eating your fish treats?

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                I'd love to know what kind of an office you work in that has roving herds of cats lurking the hallways...

            2. My family makes a herring salad. Chop some herring in cream sauce with the onions that are in the sauce mix with chopped capers, pickled beets and tart crisp apples.