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Jan 20, 2010 07:31 AM

Yang's or Emperor?

Has anyone been to Yang's Fine Chinese Cuisine or Emperor Fine Chinese Cuisine for dinner lately? Which one is better?

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  1. Emperor has daily specials from shark's fin to peking duck to squab to lobster, etc.......

    1. Yang's was better when they first open. Now I prefer Emperor . Sunday night lobster special, Monday night Peking duck and Tuesday Roast squab are hard to beat both in taste and value.

      1. I have only been to Yang's for dim sum but I just had dinner at Emperor the other night.

        We went for the Monday Peking Duck special. What an excellent bargain!

        The duck was great - maybe not the best I've ever had but pretty damn good. The second course - minced duck in lettuce cups was wonderful as well. We took the leftovers for lunch at work the next day with some steamed rice. Yum! We also ordered a dish of pea shoots and a spectacular dish I think really deserves a mention. It was pork neck with mushrooms in XO sauce. They were using button mushrooms but we asked them to substitute king oyster mushrooms instead. The dish was really excellent - the pork neck was a wonderful texture and the XO sauce was exactly the right amount of spicy and so good!

        I think we'll be going back soon for the Tuesday Squab special!

        1. I would like to go to either one of them for a late lunch this Saturday (after 2 pm). Do we need reservation (4 people) and which one would have specials for lunch.
          Can we still get dim sum after 2 pm?


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          1. re: blue bike

            At Yang's yes, I've had dim sum there as late as 3.

          2. I finally got to try Emperor last night, and we had one of the strangest dishes I've ever encountered at a fine chinese resto. It was highly recommended by one of the older lady servers. She called it a fried fish fillet w/ diced tomatoes (something must've been lost in the translation). She mentioned that the "kids" would like it (warning #1). We thought we'd give it a try for something different. When it came out, I knew something wasn't right when the waiter putting the dish down said "Oh this is new, I haven't seen this one before" (warning #2). It turns out it was deep fried fillets of fish, topped with a cheese-whiz like layer and garnished with diced tomatoes and pringles chips on the side! Yes, the waitress was absolutely correct that my kids did love this fish nachos dish (mostly the chips), but come on... this is supposed to be a fine Chinese dinning experience. I was flabbergasted.

            We ordered the $168 set menu for 6 people including a Peking Duck (which was done very nicely), and 2 lobsters about 1+ lbs each (also done well, but I still prefer O'Mei's version better). Snow pea stir fried dish was huge and fried rice at the end also had healthy sized seafood portions in it. They also served one of our app dishes w/out the duck tongues. Luckily my wife caught it and they corrected it. Dessert was a trio of almond biscuit, mango pudding and green bean soup.

            When I first called to book a table, I asked if I could bring my own wine. I was put through to the manager who said if I ordered a few more dishes, then it would be covered. He mentioned his name but I forget it when I got there. Then the server says they still have to charge me $15 for corkage fee, despite ordering a 6 person set meal for 4 adults. I wasn't about to argue much over it, given it was a friend's birthday party meal. When the final bill does come out, there's no corkage fee at all.

            Very pleasant and comfy setting, lots of space between tables (my little kids were running about in the upper platform area). Overall a pleasant meal, except for the fish nachos!

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            1. re: Royaljelly

              Hello Royaljelly, Long time no chat!
              I was there with my family from 7-8.30pm also!! Surprised I didn't notice you!! Where did you folks sit? The Peking Duck special at $19 two ways was a steal as usual. We also had a lobster done with Maggie sauce which was very nicely executed! Sorry to hear about your Sino-Mexi fusion bomb! Better luck next time!

              1. re: Charles Yu

                Hey Charles, I thought about looking for you (mostly to order for me, haha), but I thought you mostly go there on sunday nights for their lobster special. We were sitting way in the corner on the upper platform stage (opposite from the fish tanks).

                So which of their nightly specials is the biggest bang for the buck?

                1. re: Royaljelly

                  Hello chowfriend,
                  I was sitting below you next to the fish tank!! Guess we must be getting old and near sighted?! Ha! Was your kid with you?
                  As for the specials, so far, I've tried their Lobster, Peking duck, roasted pigeons, sharksfins and steamed crab. Valuewise, they are all about the same. However, enjoymentwise, I like their lobster, crab and duck the most. Their sharksfin is only so-so. BTW, did you try their sauteed morsels of filet mignon in a honeyed pepper sauce and crunchy cashew nuts? Very nice! One unique dish I tried last time was their 'braised pigeon with 2 kinds of Chinese preserved sausages and Chinese mushrooms'. Surprisingly delicious! We were told we were the first customers who ordered that dish!!
                  Lastly, they are one of the few Chinese restaurants which stock both ' Riedel Vinum and Sommelier' wine glasses for that special bottle of Bordeaux and Burgundy. However, a few visits back, the table next to me 'demanded' the sommelier series glasses from the serve staff. Thinking it must be for a really special bottle, I walked past their table to take a browse. It was a $17 bottle of 2007 Chilean Santa Carolina red!!! What a joke and show-off!!

                  1. re: Charles Yu

                    I'm headed to Emperor this weekend for dim sum. Any suggestions for ordering the dishes they do best? Similarly, any suggestions for which dishes to avoid would be helpful too.

                    1. re: Charles Yu

                      Hey Charles, both kids were with us the other night (they were relatively well behaved and were pretty focused on the meal). I'll definitely have to try those filet mignon and braised pigeon dishes you liked.

                      Now that you mentioned it, I was impressed w/ the glassware they gave us for our vino (probably the Reidels). I'm so used to those tiny little wine glasses that most chinese resto used. I was actually able to swirl my red for a change! Good thing you didn't walk by my table though, I would've had to hide my $19 bottle of Van Ruiten 07 Zin (although it did go quite well w/ the Peking Duck).

                      1. re: Royaljelly

                        That extra $2 on the bottle deserve better wine glass treatment! Ha!

                      2. re: Charles Yu

                        What are the preparation methods for their sunday Lobster?

                        1. re: shekamoo

                          Any style you like be it with ginger and scallions, sauteed with Maggi sauce etc. My favourite is their wok fried with shallots/garlic chips ( $5 extra ).

                          1. re: Charles Yu

                            Thank you. now this might be an off question, but is the wok fried similar to OMei's second round in the OMei 4-ways?