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Jan 20, 2010 07:28 AM

Need good veggie recs for Calgary please

Hello western CHers. My teenage son is travelling to Calgary in April to play in a sporting event at the Glencoe Club (636 - 29 Avenue S.W.). He is an ovo-lacto vegetarian, a big-time foodie, and will eat a wide variety of ethnic foods...Indian, Mexican, Thai, etc. Unfortunately, he will be accompanied by three meat-and-potatoes guys, and will probably have to fend for himself when it comes to meals. Can I get some suggestions for good veggie eats in this area? Looking for reasonably-priced restaurants, cafés, bakeries, even natural food stores with delis.

Oh, he also has a bad latté habit, picked up while living at the west coast :) Any help in coffee bar dept. would be appreciated as well.

I doubt he'll have access to a car, so suggestions should be within walking distance, or easily accessible by public transit.

Thanks very much.

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  1. Here's a recent Calgary vege thread: I live in the Red Deer area now but was lacto-ovo in Calgary for years your son should be able to go out with the meat 'n potatoes crowd and eat well. The exception being Bolero and Gaucho - Calgary's two Brazilan churrascos (predominantly meat-on-a-skewer).

    Assuming your son is staying near the Glencoe then he's walking distance to 4th st. SW where there are plenty of shops & restaurants to choose from. Aida's Mediterranian Bistro would be a good choice, Le Chein Chaud serves veggie dogs... as for good delis and natural food stores I'd suggest Planet Organic, but it's a bit of a hike from the Glencoe, at the corner of Elbow & Southland Drive SW, and there's also Sunterra just off Elbow at 803 - 49th Avenue SW. As for coffee in the area, I'll leave that to the experts since I can't think of any independent cafes down that way.

    Hope that helps get you started. If we get an idea of where he's staying that'll help us give more specfic recommendations :)

    1. Hi cyberveg- there are three coffeehouses on 4th St but none are great (Purple Perk is popular but its coffee is pretty hit or miss)- there are outstanding options a litlte further afield; if you click on my name, go to my blog at my profile here, and under "places I like" tab is the current state of the best coffee places in town. Closest to Glencoe would probably be either Caffe Beano at 9 St and 17 Ave SW, and Kawa Espresso Bar at 8 St and 14 Ave SW.

      1. Kensington would be a good choice (it's the first stop out of downtown when you take the C-Train to the Northwest). Vero Bistro Modern has a two-page tapas menu, of which an entire page is vegetarian. It's a fairly nice restaurant but certainly not fine dining. There is also a very casual vegetarian restaurant in Kensington called Gratitude Cafe... I'm not a fan of the staff but I had a shockingly great salad there.

        There are a couple of BIG Indian lunch buffets downtown (Glory of India and Royal India come to mind, correct me if I'm wrong!) that always have lots of vegetarian options. There is also an Indian restaurant that USED to be called Mysore Palace (someone fill in the new name please!) that has a vegetarian Sunday brunch.

        I'm sure it won't be long before someone mentions The Coup on 17th Ave SW as a great vegetarian option, but I am NOT a fan at all- I've eaten there twice and both times it's been horribly under-seasoned (unseasoned?).

        There is a Korean restaurant downtown called Anju that is good for vegetarians- my friend and I shared an appetizer platter with kim chi, sticky rice noodles, grilled eggplant and (oh-so-Korean) truffled yam fries, then she had a meaty dinner and I had a vegetarian rice bowl. It's on my go-back list. There are lots of Vietnamese restaurants in Calgary that do noodle soup and Vietnamese subs, both of which can be vegetarian (though I've always avoided asking about the source of the soup's stock).

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          I second Glory of India for its lunch buffet. The take-out option is very good value. My friend and I (she is vegetarian, I am not) usually take our containers around the corner to the Chevron building to eat.

        2. Rajdoot has decent Indian food (always good for veggie selection), and is walking distance from the Glencoe. Maplesugar mentioned Aida's, and John Manzo mentioned Purple Perk, which are also walking distance.

          If he's willing to take public transit, the #3 bus (Elbow drive, and 4th St SW) will take him downtown in about 10 minutes. The bus goes through Chinatown, which has two all-veggie Chinese restaurants he might be interested in: Veggie House, and White Oak II. I prefer White Oak II.

          1. Please don't dismiss The Coup on JetGirly's account.

            One of my favorite vegetarian restaurants out of the one's I have been to all over Canada, New York, San Fran, Boston, Phoenix, LA and Las Vegas.

            I have never had underseasoned food there, just food with amazing flavors!

            If they are ever looking for a quick bite, but not quite a fast food joint, places like Thai Thai or Khim Ahn Vietnamese subs on 17th ave (Fairly close to the Glenco). Great veggie and Tofu subs as well as lots of meaty ones. On 17th ave there is also a Pita Pit, Wicked Wedge Pizza (does veggie and regular pizza by the slice) and Tubby Dog that does veggie and regular dogs.

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              Actually, Wicked Wedge is no longer on 17th Ave but is now located in Chinook mall.