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Jan 20, 2010 06:59 AM

What can I do with clemantines? [moved from General Topics]

I have a bunch but I've kind of forgotten about them. They're pretty nice on their own, but sometimes you get one that isn't sour or sweet and has that weird taste to it.

Sometimes I just chuck it and start a new one, but is there something else that can be done mainly with clemantines (hopefully not too time-consuming). A cocktail or something would be alright. Doesn't even have to be consumable, could be a scented candle or something.

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  1. On the advice of Bitten Word, I made this and it was a great way to use up clementines. Clementine salsa, originally from Bon Appetit:

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      I forgot to say, I don't usually ... or ever, like sweet and savoury together. But with the tomatoes, that could work. I actually forgot about my preference for a second, although having it with chicken might be too much.

    2. We just made a super-simple fruit salad with grapefruit and clementines (cut off the tops, bottoms, and peels with a paring knife, slice in rounds or half moons) - great as a quick, refreshing first course.

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        We made a simple fruit salad with clementines, as well. For ours, we peeled the oranges, and cut the sections in half, then tossed with toasted coconut, toasted almonds, and a bit of orange liquor (we used Patron because we had it, but Gran Marnier would work). It was yummy as a dessert after a spicy meal of chile rellenos, rice, and beans.

      2. Save the peels in a little dish by the sink. Throw in a couple pieces when you run the disposal. Keeps it smelling fresh.

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          Good tip, but we don't generally have the sink grinders in the UK. Maybe I'll throw some in the bin ;)

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            For our appetizer salad on christmas I made a salad with arugula, shaved fennel and clementines. I made the dressing with shallots, lemon juice, clementine juice and a touch of olive oil. I also seared some shrimp and topped the salad with those, very refreshing and quite yummy!

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            Great tip! I do that with all kinds of citrus peels.

          3. I eat them all day just as they are as snacks. Also, they can be put in the pan with chicken or pork as they sautee with some white wine and spices. Also I would put them in a salad as they add a great citrus twist.

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                I was going to mention the clementine cake popularized by Nigella Lawson (who based it on the Middle Eastern orange-almond cake recipe of Claudia Roden). There are many threads on Home Cooking about this cake. Because I know Soop is in the UK, I'm linking the recipe in British measurements and terms: