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Jan 20, 2010 06:48 AM


I just heard about a new Japanese place, Matsukado, opening in EVil.. It is a part of a family chain operation from Japan and has some izakaya type dishes and ramen.

I'm particularly interested how their ramen measures up -- has anyone tried it yet?

TIA, olia

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  1. I tried them last week. It was excellent. Huge bowls, tasty broth (just right, not too salty), springy noodles, reasonable prices.

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    1. re: food_connoisseur

      I have to disagree with food_connoisseur. I found both the ramen and the udon dull, lacking in flavor and relying too much on salt. Both the noodles were well cooked, as food_connoisseur said springy. The broiled samma was well handled