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Jan 20, 2010 06:35 AM

Need 23rd Birthday Restaurant Suggestions...

Hi there!

My best friend's birthday is Saturday and initally she wanted to go to Spice Route (i.e. trendy, midpriced, can stay later for drinks after the meal, etc.). Spice Route cannot accomodate our party of 10.

I am in desperate need of similar reccomendations?
She's open to almost ANY type of cuisine!

But I know she's keen on funky decor (she likes things deemed as "trendy"...not my style... but after all, its her celebration) and the ability to have a few drinks after the meal.

Thank you SO SO much!!!!!

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  1. 10 people is kind of hard to book. Right off the bat I'm thinking Terroni on Adelaide.

    1. Blowfish, the Drake, Marben, Ame, Pravda...

      1. Thank you very much for your help...

        I think Blowfish, Marben, Ame are a bit high on the price range and I think Terroni is a bit to casual...

        But thank you kindly - - please keep them coming!

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        1. re: missgri

          Perhaps - sopra upper lounge, maro, roosevelt room - which should all fit the "supper club" theme

          Otherwise, brassaii is mid priced but not open late but great for a drink afterwards

          Maybe Kultura?

          1. re: joellita

            FYI, Brassaii is closed for renovations. What about Czehoski upstairs?

        2. nyood on queen west or the new ciao wine bar in yorkville

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          1. re: ingloriouseater

            pravda vodka bar might be what you're looking for.

          2. Watusi on Ossington is pretty funky - and they have a similar style menu to Spice Route. Plus - there are plenty of bars along the route for your after dinner wanderings.

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            1. re: MeMeMe

              Watusi might be a good choice because it's also a little more budget friendly than Nyood, Kultura, Sopra, Roosevelt.