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Jan 20, 2010 06:31 AM

the bbq directory...

hey guys and gals, i thought it would be nice to have information/reviews of all the bbq joints we know, love and hate in one spot.

i'll start...

phil's - college & ossington - weaksauce, both figuratively and literally, found everything on my sample platter to by overdone, i haven't been back since my last visit a few years ago

sweet smoke - burlington - awesome, beans were a little to al dente for my liking and they were sold out of crab cakes but other than that everything was great, i had the pulled pork, ribs, beans and the creamiest coleslaw i've ever had

blue sage - awesome as well, had the 3 meat sample platter (brisket,ribs, pulled pork) and everything rocked, especially the pulled pork, beans and coleslaw were good as well, however i like chunks of meat in my beans

lou dawgs - meh, it was okay but nothing special

that's it from me (so far), keep 'em coming....

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  1. Buster Rhinos. Generally considered by Chowhounders and BBQ lovers in the GTA to be amongst the best BBQ available.

    I think their back ribs are heavenly, their hush puppies delish, and fresh cut fries very nice. And their sauces and rubs….. wow.

    Unlike many others I am not a huge lover of their pulled pork and brisket, and find the housing rolls too bready and intrusive for my personal taste. They are nice, but I personally would never order them over the ribs. But that is just me.

    The place smells of glorious smoke and Darryl and Scott are awesome fellas who truly care about serving great BBQ and sides to customers they respect. They do a few things and they do them well. In the case of the ribs and sauces, they do them beautifully.

    And on Thursdays and Fridays you just can’t beat the value of their full rack, fries, and pop special for $14.99.

    It might be a shlep to get to for some people, but I think worth it.

    1. Buster Rhino's is great but the location is just an impossibility for me, living out in Brampton

      It's good food but just too bloody far

      So my pick I guess is Sweet Smoke, even though its a good 30 minute drive almost as well for me :/

      Theres also the other new place in Oakville, The Big Smoke on Lakeshore, I had a good pulled pork sandwich from here as well. Only been once though

      1. Oops, I forgot Southern RUB in Vaughan. I am a fan of them as well, although I haven't been recently

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          Buster Rhino's is worth the drive, even in Friday evening rush hour traffic! Best ribs I've had in the GTA, hands down. The smokier the better!

        2. Smokin' Bones, Dundas east of Yonge. Great pulled pork sandwich (very, very messy, especially if you add coleslaw to it). Maybe still too new to tell whether it will be a true contender, but so far so good.

          1. For the record, Sweet Smoke is in Oakville even if really close to the Burlington border :)

            I will add The Stockyards to the list. They only do the BBQ Ribs and Smoked Chickens a few days a week starting at 5pm and they sell out quick but the ribs were awesome there. I also had the fried chicken on another visit and although not really under BBQ it was really good too.