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Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Looking for yummy, soft chocolate chip cookies to give to someone as a gift. Something that tastes homemade. Any suggestions? thanks.

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  1. If you live in LA, you have to send Deluscious Cookies & Milk, 829 North Highland Avenue (323-460-2370); or online at delusciouscookies.com.

    They arrive warm, chewy gooey cookies...and you can elect to send a bottle (the old fashion kind) of cold milk...and yes the milk arrives cold and the cookies arrive hot!!

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    1. re: Jill

      I saw a company called "Snookie's Cookies" featured on some TV program that has a very similar theme to Deluscious Cookies - They bake fresh cookies and devliver them to your door, with milk if you'd like. Snookie's is in Glendale.

      I haven't tried them since I like to make my own, but the idea sounded great. Which company is better?

      Web site below.

      Link: http://www.snookies.com/index_html.html

      1. re: coffeebeast

        Whenever we get cookies delivered at the office it's always from Snookies. The muffins aren't that great, but the cookies always disappear in seconds.

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          I had a Snookie cookies basket delivered as a gift. The basket included chocolate chip, peanut butter, white chocolate macadamia and oatmeal cookies. They were individually wrapped, fresh and tasted homemade. Yum.

        2. re: Jill

          A client of my firm sent a basket of their cookies to someone in our office. There was a chocolate one, looking at their website it must have been the Chocolate Decadence.

          Well, I've had a lot of cookies in my time, but this had to be one of the best I've ever had. It was pure chocolate bliss, soft, almost like pure molten chocolate...oh my god, it's a rare cookie that gives one a "mouth-gasm", but this one hit the spot.

          I'm sure their other cookies are awesome too, and looking at their website, it looks as if they have some other great flavors. Has anyone tried them?

          GK in SO

        3. Ben and Jerry's in various places - very soft and good

          Diddy Reise in Westwood

          Le Pain Quotiden in Beverly Hills and Brentwood - really large and more crispy, but good

          Bee's Knees in Pasadena - tiny little shop - excellent

          La Dijoinaisse in Culver City

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            Diddy Reese (across from the Fox theater in Westwood) has excellent cookies, and they're super-cheap: 3 for $1. That's actually a price hike from 4 for $1. The oatmeal raisin (wal?)nut ones are the best in my opinion, but out of half a dozen I'll usually get a choco-nut one for variety, and they're pretty damn good too. Very buttery tasting.

          2. Try Schmerty's Gourmet Cookies. The cookies are warm and soft. They'll put together whatever varieties you choose for gifts as well.

            310 664 8868

            Link: http://www.schmertys.com

            1. clementine

              1. Trader Joe's! Look in the baked goods section. They are fabulous!

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                1. re: Michelle

                  I agree that TJ's chocchip cookies are good and taste somewhat homemade, but they are not soft in my experience. Crispy/crunchy is more like it.

                  1. re: JJ

                    Hmmm, the ones I get are soft. They come in a low flat rectangular shaped box with a clear top, containing 2 layers of 3 or 4 large cookies each. They do not come in a bag or round container, and are not crisp or crunchy.

                    1. re: Michelle

                      Oh ok, sounds like they have a couple different kinds of fresh choc chip cookies. I haven't tried the ones you are talking about but I need to try them. The ones I've bought come around 12 to a package and are sort of standing/leaning straight up on a low rectangular plastic plate thing.

                2. The Double Tree Hotel in Westwood has the most amazing chocolate chip cookies. You can purchase them warm or cold from the concierge. I always opt for the warm. They are even better than homemade.

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                  1. re: Lucien

                    Do you have to order them in advance? I can't imagine that the concierge has a few dozen Choc chip cookies lying around every afternoon.

                  2. Leeda's are great! Very homemade taste.

                    1. The ones from City Bakery in Brentwood are insane!

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                      1. re: mollyomormon

                        Completely agree. They cost $2.50 a cookie and, in my opinion, are worth it. They also sell boxes of cookies for $15.00.

                        The chocolate chip cookies are incredible and the melted chocolate cookies are amazing.

                      2. Bakker's is a mall chain that has the best flat soft and chewy choc chip cookies I've ever had. I know Lakewood Mall has one, not sure where else. They also look homeade. Highly recommend.

                        1. TJ's frozen chocolate chip cookie dough. The are already portioned out... you just pop them in the oven.

                          Then they WILL taste homemade! They're amazing.

                          1. As I said in the other recent thread on this very subject, I sent Snookie's cookies & milk (prompted by a post in that thread) to someone who'd done me a business favor and it was very well received. The whole thing (second-smallest package) was about $60, delivered.