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Jan 20, 2010 04:23 AM

Have you tried Tangerine on Kennedy in Tampa? If so, how was it?

I drive by every day, looks to be a gyro/kabab sort of place, has anyone tried it?

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  1. not yet, tell us how it is! The dumpy looking Gyro place right by there is off the chart though.

    1. I went there with some friends during the winter break. Two of them had I think the Lamb Koobideh which looked like a big leg of lamb in a bowl of sauce. Came with the standard rice and side vegetables (think it was lettuce, tomato, cucumber, etc).

      I had something which was lamb skewers also with rice and vegetables. It didn't really have any natural flavor so I used the salt/pepper/spices on the table to season it (I never do that except with eggs).

      We had complimentary servings of pita bread and hummus too. The Turkish Coffee wasn't too bad either.

      Here's the review by Creative Loafing:


      Here's their website:


      The other poster is talking about Saleem's. I ordered their boneless chicken once and they didn't even toss it in the sauce...they just put it on top. Other than that, Saleem's has good gyro/rice/hummus combination plates.

      P.S. NYC is great, I'm a Ft Lauderdale native and I always stay with my grandparents in Chinatown. There's this pizza place near Chatham Square in Chinatown called Luna Pizza which is IMO as good as New York New York Pizza here in Tampa on Howard and in Ybor.

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        Thanks for the review, doesnt sound like CL was very impressed either. Saleems is great!! Love their gyro and greek salad! I have to disagree about New York New York pizza, go down 7th to Demmis Market and you will never go back to NY NY again. Demmis rivals some of the best pizza in NYC IMO! :)