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Jan 20, 2010 04:05 AM

NYC caterers for business cocktail receptions - "bang for the buck"

My new job involves planning a series of small (75-100 people) development events. They'll be in our office, from about 6-8 PM, only hors d'oeuvres, and need to be elegant and inexpensive. Our program will be the star; the nibbles will be a bonus. I'm looking for a caterer with a "wow" presentation. I'm new to this - any advice will really be appreciated!

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  1. Cheap and elegant in NYC is hard. If cheap is really important I would hire a few waitresses to help you and go to Zabaars or Fairway and create some easy HD's yourself. Some easy things are:

    smoked salmon on a potato chip with a dollop of creme fraiche.
    three types of cheeses on three types of crackers.
    mini puff pastry topped with prepared olive tapenade.
    Two types of prepared kugel cut into small squares and toppes with creme fraiche.
    Hummus on pita chips topped with an olive.
    tortilla chip topped with a cube of avocado and salsa.

    Good luck. I'm curious what type of business this is for?

    1. I have had good experience with Manna Catering. Can't say they are "cheap", but they are certainly elegant.

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        can you use a caterer that does kosher style eg fish and vegetarian or just vegetarian

        full disclosure, I am a caterer but could recommend a few others to you as well who like myself are big on the WOW factor of imaginative food that is both delicious and beautifully presented. We work with a lot of progressive congregations throughout the city. Google "purim catering nyc" and see what comes up

        a few caterers that come to mind are Jacque's Catering in Rosedale, Events by Annette Aarons in upper manhattan (east harlem), both are highly creative women running catering businesses that go over and beyond. lots of creative presentation ideas here

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            Definitely not, based on Googling. Presumably tigerwoman meant that they could do 'kosher style' functions rather than kosher ones.