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Jan 20, 2010 03:41 AM

Birthday dinner with water views?


Does anyone have any suggestions for a quiet and romantic waterfront/view restaurant? We moved out of Boston 5 years ago - so the only places I can think of are the hotels on the water. Are anyone of them worth going too? The only one I can think of is Meritage.

Our favorite restaurant in town is Cragie. And we also love all types of ethnic food - very adventurous eaters. I am tempted to bag the waterfront request and head over to Sorrelina instead.


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  1. I enjoy the Oceana at Long Wharf, although I'm much more apt to sit in the lounge area. Beautiful views, comfortable, somewhat nautical atmosphere. The dining room is a little more upscale. Most times i've just gone for sandwiches. They make a great clam chowder.

    1. Different water, but consider Dante restaurant in Cambridge - also in a hotel, but not a "hotel restaurant."

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      1. re: Bob Dobalina

        I'd second Dante. Great food. I love sitting on their patio in the warmer months.

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          I'd give a third to Dante. I especially enjoy their pasta dishes. I also had a great experience at Miel this summer in the Intercontinental and really enjoyed their complimentary olive oil tasting.

      2. Oddly enough there still isn't much choice when it comes to higher-end waterfront dining in Boston.

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          Thanks everyone. I made a reservation at Dante , too bad it is the middle of winter and we can't dine on the patio!

        2. Was at Meritage recently. The room looks a bit dated but the food was very good, the service was top notch, and it has expansive water views. If you put Meritage's food in a different room, it would get a lot more cred.