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Jan 20, 2010 03:11 AM

Bon Appetit reviews

I was flipping through my January BA last night and thinking that it's sometimes difficult to choose which recipes to make out of an issue, particularly if there are 6 meatball recipes or 6 comfort desserts. Time, money, and weight control will keep me from making many recipes that sound delicious. We all know that the epicurious reviews can be untrustworthy.
Anyway, I was thinking about a post where chowhounds could share if they've made anything exceptional from whatever the current BA is. Maybe such a post exists, but I couldn't find it. So, if I can ask, has anyone made anything delicious from the January issue that I must try?

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  1. I had the same intention - something along the lines of "so who is cooking from the BA that we have begrudgingly accepted since Gourmet is no more". I made the Moroccan meatball tagine with carrots last Sunday - used mostly lamb with a bit of beef since that was what was on hand, and uncharacteristically otherwise followed the recipe closely. Quite delicious (would perhaps use only 1 cinnamon stick instead of two and fewer golden raisins, it's a bit sweet but very good nonetheless). We ate it with ww pitas since I had forgotten to buy the couscous for the side dish recipe (accidentally on purpose, we're not that fond of couscous). Makes a BIG potful, would easily serve 6-8.
    Over the years have been quite satisfied with their recipes - still remember a delicious lentil soup from about 20 years ago. A friend cooks from the magazine all the time.

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      Sorry, but I cancelled Bon Appetit in total protest...especially after getting nasty letters from Charles Townsend, the CEO of Conde Nast, after I wrote to him (in a professional capacity, as a culinary historian) explaining why I thought his decision to kill Gourmet was wrong-headed. <eg>

    2. Tonight I made the strip steak with spicy hoisin sauce and cucumber relish. It would have been better if I could have grilled it, but an ice storm forced me to use the broiler instead. Nevertheless, the sauce and relish were both tasty.

      1. The new issue has something I've been looking for for ages - milk chocolate dessert recipes. Need them for entertainning a milk only chocaholic friend.

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          Is that the February issue? I haven't gotten mine yet.

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            Got it yesterday. Isn't it nice we're having this private chat ;-) ? Surprised at the apparent lack of interest in this, considering the huge play Gourmet's demise and the substitution of BA for same got on Food Media and News.

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              I'm a little surprised that there wasn't more interest too, but we'll see what happens. In the meantime, I'm enjoying the private chat. :-) I still haven't gotten the new issue.

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                By the way, heated up the meatball thing last night and it was better than when first made, didn't seem as sweet.

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                  Good to know about the meatballs. I think I'l try that recipe this week, but will make it with lamb. I'll make a full recipe, anticipating left overs. I made the spicy tomato basil sauce tonight from the Jan BA. Originally planned to make the pan seared polenta that goes with it, but was given fresh pasta so used that instead. The sauce was very good, though don't think I would say exceptional, and was certainly quick and easy.
                  Still waiting for my February issue.

        2. I haven't tried anything from the Jan/10 BA, but there's always, I found it recently and it's pretty useful for finding specific recipe reviews. Good luck with the meatballs!

          1. I have made the recipe for wild mushroom cakes with red pepper coulis and avocado pesto three times already from the 1/10 BA - always to rave reviews. It's in the section in the beginning where readers ask for their favorite restaurant recipes. They are delicious; once i made them without the red pepper coulis and they were still great, and the last time, in a highly distracted moment, i made them without the EGGS to bind them and they were STILL fantastic!

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              Thanks Maricacarmen. I bought mushrooms today for the quinoa risotto in the same issue, but maybe I'll make the mushroom cakes instead. These are exactly the kinds of recipe reviews that I was hoping to get. My Feb issue came today, but I still have a few things I want to try from January.