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Jan 20, 2010 12:53 AM


Can anyone recommend a buffet in Los Angeles? Westside is a plus!

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  1. You don't say whether this is for Sunday or not, but assuming it is then the best west side AYCE buffet is at the Four Seasons on Doheny in Beverly Hills. Take your high limit credit card.

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      I will definitely try AYCE. Thanks!

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        AYCE isn't the name. It stands for All You Can Eat.

        1. re: Jennalynn

          Union Buffet is an all you can eat Asian (mostly) buffet on Wilshire and Granville in West L.A.

          1. re: Bria Silbert

            I've tried Union Buffet on Wilshire Blvd and did not like it. I've reviewed them on Yelp.

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        Not sure if that option is currently available--the Gardens Restaurant is no more and is in the process of reopening as Culina (a high-end Italian concept with a live crudo bar)--Open Table shows reservations not being accepted there until March.

        1. re: New Trial

          They are still offering their Sunday buffet AYCE brunch. They are doing it partly in the lounge area and mostly in their "Weatherly" room.

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          Second the Four Seasons. They had a donut fryer on the dessert table when we went a few weeks ago and their fresh donuts beat Krispy Kreme's anytime. Don't ignore or feel bad for eating at the kids' table, it has some tasty mac and cheese. Also the celebrity citing is almost a sure thing and worth the price of admission. When we went we saw Timbaland, Ice-T and CoCo (Ice-T's wife, not Conan O'Brien).

        3. There are probably great buffets closer to you than this, but the Cafe Sierra at the Universal City Hilton has buffets (breakfast 7 days, lunch Mon-Fri, dinner Fri-Sun), and is justifiably renowned for their seafood-and-prime-rib dinner layout.

          Much better than the usual buffet fare (avoid Hometown Buffet at all costs). Not especially cheap, but that goes with the territory.

          Cafe Sierra at Hilton Universal City
          555 Universal Terrace Parkway, Universal City, CA 91608-1001

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          1. If you don't mind driving, try CHOMP in Fullerton..