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Jan 19, 2010 10:46 PM

Best Glass Mixing Bowls?

I got these beautiful bowls from Williams Sonoma but they chip like crazy after just a few weeks of use and I even ate some of the chipped glass not knowing one of the smaller bowls that nests inside had chipped into the bowl I was eating from! I really want some quality/reliable bowls that will last longer than just a few weeks.


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  1. For practicality, buy a set of metal bowls. If glass is a must, buy a set of pyrex; they are durable but heavy.

    1. I like the Duralex (Bormioli Rocco) Viva bowls. Kind of cool looking, tough tempered glass, nest well, nice selection of sizes, inexpensive. Oh yeah, I should mention that the ridges are only on the outside; the inside is smooth.

      1. OMG, that's horrible!! I agree that for any kitchen glass, Pyrex is the answer. I have a new set of Pyrex glass bowls (with plastic lids to go in the fridge), and I also have vintage Pyrex bowls, custard cups, etc. and some Fry pieces too. Vintage Fry is opalescent Pyrex (i.e., the same glass formula). I have never had a piece fail, vintage or new--nothing has ever broken, not one chip, and some of the stuff I have is many decades old.

        And btw, I would definitely be taking them back to W-S ... there's definitely a quality issue. I've returned Dualit toasters to them--apparently they were already aware of the problem and never gave me any static.

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          Thanks, I'm glad I kept the box. I had originally purchased them early last year but didn't open them until just last month, so I'm going to just go in sans receipt and say I got them as a gift. Too bad everything in there is so expensive, so I can probably only exchange them for a spoon or something :)

          As for the Pyrex, I was considering them since Pyrex never fails, just like Corningware which I love. And the lids make them even handier.

        2. I also agree with the Pyrex suggestion. Durability (and safety from glass chips) trump fashion for me. My friend just received a set from Crate and Barrel for her birthday but I am not sure if she has put them to the test yet.

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            My friend used to work at Crate and Barrel and I still have one of those bowls in my house that she left behind and it's fantastic! But that was years ago, and when I went online last night, the style has changed--so probably the quality has too unfortunately.

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              The new Pyrex bowls aren't pretty, but a lot of the old ones are. It's not hard to find antique malls with dealers that specialize in Pyrex. Glasbake is a good brand too if you're buying vintage--or McKee. I have so many bowls at this point that I've given myself a stern warning not to buy any more unless I find something absolutely TDF ;) Since they never break, the collection only moves in one direction ...

            2. I second/third the Pyrex suggestion. I've had it with my Anchor Hocking bowls chipping on the rims and ceramic is cute but better suited to serving. Just be sure if you're also considering baking with them that they're labeled appropriately.