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Jan 19, 2010 09:42 PM

Shanghai: Restaurant Martin - anyone's been there?

3-Michelin-star San Sebastian chef, Martin Berasategui, took over the location of French-Japanese fusion restaurant, La Villa Rouge (Xiao Hong Lou) on Hengshan Lu last Sep 09, and turned it into Restaurant Martin. Has anyone been there, and how's the food?

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    1. I've entertained large and small groups there many times since soft and hard openings and never been disappointed, except disappointment that I can only afford it on expense account. Very pricey and worth every yuan! Chef Maxime is working very hard to improve raw staff and is very well trained by Martin and experienced. If the snobs will get past the start-up stumbles, this place will be great. Order the suckling pig and seafood paella a day in advance. You will not be disappointed. Examine your drinks carefully - the bartender is on some other wavelength.

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          Just returned from Shanghai, and have been to Martin. Well, that was not bad, but less as I have expected. My opinion, the chef has not found his own style yet. Some menu courses were just perfect, the others very weak. The chef Maxime is very nice guy, and I'm sure he is working hard, but he has to go a long way yet. The service was also not good, very unsecure. The barmen is terrible. The wine list is also very weak and expensive.

      1. The original comment has been removed