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Jan 19, 2010 08:33 PM

Good place for group of 11 to 15 in Victoria

Going over with a girls' squash group next month and looking for an interesting place with good food for dinner for 6 to 10 adults and 5 teenage girls. The last two years we've had good meals at Sanafir and the Canoe Club. We would have liked to try Farris' Oyster Bar but they won't take a reservation of that size downstairs. Any suggestions?

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    1. re: fmed

      Agree on Stage. Just be aware it is a small plates place so each diner has to order around 3 items to make up a full meal.

      Zambri's has a private dining room and can accommodate groups around the size for 'family-style' dining. You usually pay either $35, $45, or $55 per person for the meal. You get lots of food, and it is healthy and usually made with local ingredients.

    2. What kind of budget? Stage is a great recommendation but it's quite expensive since, as anewton mentioned, each diner will want to order probably 3 plates to make a meal.

      Zambri's is a great suggestion! Another one that might be fun is Nar, a Turkish place in Oak Bay. They have an upstairs dining room where you could seat 15 easily and you'd be separate from the main dining room so could have some fun, be a little loud, etc.

      1. Sorry - meant to say "good meals at Sanuk and the Canoe Club". I don't think Sanuk is around anymore, is it?

        1. I moved away from Victoria a year and a half ago, so can't vouch for current quality. However, I was wondering whether teenagers wouldn't like something like Pizzeria Primastrada in the Cook St. Village. It's received a lot of good press, and I see they take reservations for groups of 8 or more:

          I was also thinking about Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub:

          Can anyone comment on the food quality there lately? It's a nice setting...right on the harbour.

          Good luck....from the mom of two "squashers" in Ontario :)

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          1. re: cyberveg

            Pizzeria Primastrada is a great idea. Kids love pizza, and might as well introduce them to the genuine article (authentic Neapolitan pizza baked at 850 degrees in a wood-fired oven). Just be aware that one pizza really feeds only one hungry kid (they are not big pizzas).

            1. re: anewton


              The food at Spinnaker's is not bad although you rarely read any raves about it here. I go primarily for their beer and perhaps, surprisingly good wine list and usually have standard pub fare upstairs that I am happy with.

              We tried Primastrada during our last trip out in the fall and it was top notch all around and we would be regulars if we lived in the Cook Street Village rather than Edmonton.

              A family group of six to eight adults and another 6 or so youngsters came in they put several tables together for them.

              1. re: Bob Mac

                Another possible option with Primastrada is their new location (!). They're opening up on Bridge St. - out of the downtown - near Gorge Rd. They're still constructing it - but they're close - might be open in time for early next month. Check their website and read the blog. Looks like great for groups - big tables in a more industrial setting.

                1. re: cassie

                  I would not recommend Spinnaker's for food. They have always been, and continue to be, hit or miss.

                  1. re: anewton

                    That was my experience a few years ago, but I wondered whether things had improved of late. Too bad.