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Jan 19, 2010 08:31 PM

kosher costco again

costco in westbury is now carrying kosher beef,

the brand is different and there was a lot more selection in terms of cuts of beef

the prices were the same, but the quality both looks, and so far tastes much much much better than the rockaway turnpike stuff

the brand is teva, the hashgacha is ou,

i got a package of 3 really thick nicely marbled chuck steaks, at 7.49lb, and it was delicious

im normally a rib steak person, but something abt the way this one looked made me wonder, i broiled it for dinner with garlic salt and pepper and it was so tender

i did not see any poultry, other than the normal freezer stuff, and i didnt notice any dairy, but i also didnt have a chance to look

if anyone else sees anything else thats interesting there, please let me know, it was my go to until rockaway started carrying chicken

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  1. Was in the Brooklyn Costco on Sunday. The bakery there is Kosher- but everything is dairy. They changed the muffin packaging- it's 12 muffins for $6.49 but instead of a pack of 12, it's mix n match two six packs. I couldn't believe how quickly the bakery staff was turning out the items... they kept putting out tons of new goods every few minutes.

    Kosher poultry- they had Empire chicken and turkey in a refrigerated case. Turkey tenders, chicken cutlets, chicken drumsticks, chicken thighs (with bones), whole chickens (packed two per pack), chickens cut in pieces. I saw someone walking around with a whole turkey, but didn't actually see the turkeys with the other poultry. The chicken cutlets and turkey tenders were trimmed very nicely.

    Kosher meat- everything was vaccum packed and the brand was Tevya Ranch. Lots of steaks, ground beef, roasts, briskets, London broil... other cuts but I don't remember. The ground beef was sold as 3lbs but each lb was vaccum sealed separately. Same with the steaks- two steaks per vaccum package- total of 6 steaks per pack.

    Kosher cheese- there was a very long case of shredded, blocks, slices, as well as goat cheese, and cheese spreads. A 2lb bag of shredded mozarella was $8.29-- same thing in Pic N Pay was $13.99.

    Frozen- macabee pizza bagels, salmon fillets... didn't really look- these were two things my friend picked up.

    Also saw a large plastic jug of organic Kirkland brand salsa. $5.49! They were sampling the medium heat level- pretty good and not too spicy.

    Samples- maybe b/c it was Sunday- but most of what they were sampling was kosher. Kosher Aloutte cheese spread and pretzel thins. Salsa and chips. Microwave edamame. Starbucks coffee/espresso. Kirkland cranberry juice. Food Should Taste Good chips and some kind of spinach artichoke dip...

    1. Costco in Lawrence is also carrying the Teva label of meats

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      1. re: berel

        Do either of the Costco branches carry flanken or short ribs? While we're at it, what's the difference between flanken and short ribs?

        1. re: abu applesauce

          both are the same type of short ribs. flanken are typically a short cut of bone with meat & fat, while short ribs are a longer section of bone with extra fat cut away, or is completely boneless. so you take one standard short rib, cut it into 3 sections, then you have 3 flanken.
          the reason short ribs are great for certain dishes is the further down the ribcage you go away from the shoulder, the more fat gets marbled into the meat, making it cook up softer and fall apart; and not get chewy like the leaner rib steak cut that is found more forward on the cow.
          when ordering flanken from a custom butcher, the further up the rib toward the backbone you go, the wider the bone gets, and the bigger the bone donut effect you get with the edible dark bone ring inside each piece. generally for short rib dishes you prefer cuts further down where the bone gets narrower, but the meat itself is indistinguishable.
          for those trying to reduce their animal fat intake, trimming the hard fat away from this cut of meat before cooking can reduce your total fat intake from this meat by a 80%, so it really pays to spend a few minutes with a good full tang paring knife, and spare your arteries further distress.

          1. re: Joe Berger

            Why does flanken cost more per pound then? Are we all suckers?

          2. re: abu applesauce

            yes they have flanken at the Lawrence Costco

            1. re: abu applesauce

              Costco in Brooklyn had short ribs- but it was one large chunk- the pieces were not separated.

          3. The Costco in East Hanover, NJ has a large kosher section also. Haven't seen any beef, but definitely chickens and a large area in the refrigerated section with cheese, pre-made food, and desserts

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            1. re: gigig99

              So it's has to be a NJ thing since Hackensack Costco doesn't carry fresh meat either.

              1. re: vallevin

                Was in the Hackensack Costco last week and they did have kosher meat. Two different brands. One was the Teva discussed above and I don't recall the other. Picked up a London Broil, marinated it and it was delicious. They had rib steaks and rib roasts, chopped meat and one or two other items that I don't remember. I wasn't stocking up because Pesach is just 6 weeks away. Meat prices were very good although when Fairway has a sale their prices are better. Chicken prices were nothing spectacular, slightly less than the butcher but not worth the trip if that is all you are going for. Cheese prices were excellent. Bakery is dairy and it is my understanding that the Kashruth on the bakery items does not include the bagels. They were showcasing fancy cakes from one of David's Cookies companies but they won't be a regularly carried product. Also saw Meal Mart stuffed cabbage and chicken meatballs. I did not see pre-made food but then again am not sure what gigig99 meant by that.

                1. re: mommysmazal

                  The refrigerated case in the Brooklyn Costco had a selection of premade items- kugels, stuffed cabbage, some kind of chicken item, some dairy things... didn't really look though.

            2. The original comment has been removed