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Jan 19, 2010 07:27 PM

You, oh so opinionated, New Englanders!

This, oh so sheltered, mid western girl is making her first trip to New England and you can't give me any direction on good eats? I made an honest plea last time (see "seafood in winter?") and noted my route ( Portland to Providence) but no real bites. I've read other blogs; I know you have it in you. I beg of you, don't let me drive all that way only to be lured into the arms some frozen McLobster!

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  1. Try putting the location in the title of your thread. I know I tend to skip any threads that don't have a location listed up front...

    1. When are you going? That will determine what's open. As for Portland, if you search on this board, you'll find plenty of info. It's a year-round city, so pretty much everything, except the lobster shacks outside of town, will be open. Beyond that, when you go determines what your options are.

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        Providence, at the other end of your journey, is also a year-round city, with a lot of options if you search this board. I think I recall hearing about another city about halfway between, but the name slips my mind -- starts with a "B", I think?

        But there is a lot of seasonal stuff, too, that's closed up tight in winter. If you search this board you'll find that lobster rolls and fried clams are nearly religious topics, on which everyone has an opinion (as long as it's between Memorial Day and Labor Day.)

      2. Sorry, McDonald's only has lobster rolls in the summer! (Truly.)

        1. Lobster in the winter...Twin Oaks in Cranston, R.I., is a restaurant that is pure Rhode Island. They have lobster salad on the even comes with two sides and is seriously big. My Ma and I have been there twice in the past 6 weeks and have shared one...with leftover to take home. And, we both agree, it is really, really good. And that ain't all, where can you get all that and a ketel1 martini for 6.50 to go with it? And wine list items are very well chosen.

          1. wow, now that's the response that I'm talking about. Visiting in February, we'll need all the advice we can get. Keep em comin'!

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              And be aware that if the weather is stormy, the fishermen may not be able to leave port.