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Jan 19, 2010 07:24 PM

where can I get a heart?

This is food -- sort of. It's actually for a science project, but this is an organ meat, no? I figure if anyone knows where to get one... North Shore preferred... pigs are best. A sheep pluck would be cool, too. And then I could make Haggis!


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  1. New England Meat Market in Peabody always seems to have a decent selection of offal, although much of it tends to be frozen. The Chelsea MB after Easter carries most everything in a Sheep's pluck separately packaged (but no stomach) and while not NS, its easy access from Rt 1. They also carry beef heart all the time and usually pig (and some random lamb offal, but not all the time) other Market Baskets might also but they vary more than other chains in what is offered store to store. Usually the pork offal is more common at other Market Baskets (as is veal), because the beef offal is packaged specifically for latinos from the "mambo" brand. For odd goat parts plus beef, you could hike it all the way down to Haymarket.